The annual T-Tapp Retreat at Safety Harbor, Florida is always packed full of great information, speakers and new products.  This year was no exception!   I want to share one of the products that was introduced.

Liposomal Vitamin C is different than regular vitamin C.  Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning your body doesn’t store it.  Most animals make their own vitamin C, but we do not.  Vitamin C is important for so many body functions–just a few are circulation, skin tone, adrenals and other hormones, and of course, boosting the immune system.

Vitamin C doesn’t “cure” anything, but it helps the body optimize the immune system to help the body work at its best.

The problem lies in absorption–how much really gets through the stomach to be absorbed in the small intestine?  Buffered vitamin C might reach 18% absorption–which would be really good.

But Liposomal C can reach an absorption rate of up to 90%!

How does it work?

The lecithin in the mixture puts a coating around the vitamin C particle, helping it to get through the hostile stomach acids, then releases it in the intestinal area where it is quickly absorbed.  It can be purchases from Livon Labs (where you’ll also be able to research liposomal C even more).

At the Retreat, trainer Jane Babcock and her sister shared this information with us, but they also shared how they were making it at home.   You will need:

2 TBs rosehips powder
3 TBs non-GMO soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin
1 1/2 cups warm water
ultrasonic jewelry cleaner


First dissolve the 2 TBs rosehips powder in 1/2 cup very warm but not boiling water.  I put mine into a bowl, whisk it to blend then pour into a quart jar.

I then dissolve the lecithin in the 1 cup warm but not boiling water.  I put this in another quart jar (don’t mix the two mixtures yet).

You should let them dissolve at least 2 hours.  I’ve often left them overnight.  Then you will blend both together in your blender.  I start blending the lecithin mixture and then add the rosehips mixture. After it is initially blended, I bump the blender speed up to medium and let it blend for 5 minutes.  I then pour it in to the quart jars and refrigerate it. I actually double the amounts as we go through it pretty quickly!

The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a second step that improves bioavailablilty. I don’t have one yet, but I will share the instructions.  After the blending step above, you will pour some or all of the mixture (depending upon the size of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you have), into the cleaner.  Then it varies as to how many cycles to process it.  Some have said 4 cycles, others as many as 12 or more.  The idea is for it to be folded together and be thick like pudding and a caramel color.  This “folding” helps break down and coat the vitamin C particles more.  Even without this step, Jane and her sister shared that you would be getting around 70% bioavailablilty–which is still better than 18%!

When taking the liposomal C, it is best taken on an empty stomach, and you can eat after 15 minutes.  You can take thyroid medication with it, according to Mary Shomon, thyroid patient advocate.  She said it would optimize your medication, so you may need to keep an eye on things in case you get to the point of needing less because your body is metabolizing more!

There are many anecdotal experiences shared on this thread at the T-Tapp forums:

Liposomal Vitamin C

If you click on the Livon Labs link earlier in this post, you will find there are some studies and resources there as well.

For a moving video, you can watch the story of Alan Smith.

You can also read here, at Livon’s site,  Les Nachman’s story.

While I am no doctor, I found it very interesting that liposomal vitamin C is considered by many to be the next best thing to intravenous vitamin C.  I have even read of some doctors saying this is actually better than intravenous vitamin C therapy!

I’m not claiming to cure anything–I’m a mom and interested in good health for my family just like any other mom!  But I also am learning so much about the body and how it functions, and I wanted to share this new way of taking vitamin C that could enhance your absorption so you get more out of it.   I have heard stories of fewer colds, improved liver health, adrenals healing, beautiful skin 🙂 ….just a few among many!

I hope this is helpful to your journey of health!  There are many, many links out there–this will get you started!

Here’s to a New Year of Better Health!



Photo credit:  heatheronhertravels

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