~Thankfully my goodies don’t add any calories!~

I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned time off from blogging!  Between getting my new computer set up (old one was “terminal”), learning a new phone, add in the holidays–whew!

But I’m excited and ready to get back in the groove!

First, if you haven’t already checked out the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge information, please do so HERE!   The Challenge is a great time to stay focused with lots of support–and what better time than right after the start of a new year?!

I am offering two different programs to help you reach your goals for the 60 Day Challenge!  The first one is open to anyone, whether you are officially doing the Challenge or not.

Foundations For Fitness Challenge is a continuation of my Foundations course.  There are four levels this time!  You will get a one month schedule (except level 1, support only), be part of a private Facebook group for encouragement (and we have had great groups of ladies!), a discount on T-Tapp products, and the option to add another month’s schedule if you want or need to change things up, for a reduced price.

Choices for Change is a personal coaching package for 60 Day Challenge participants.  You will have 5 Skype consultation calls, where I become your personal coach and cheerleader.  We’ll look at what’s working and what isn’t, and we’ll focus on more than just your workouts.  Whatever areas of accountability you need, I will be “bugging” you (in a nice way!) to stay the course!  I will help develop a schedule based on your needs, but we will have the freedom to tweak it based on the calls.  There is also an option to purchase up to 2 one hour Skype form sessions at a reduced price.  I forgot to add this in at the store, but you also get a discount on T-Tapp products with this package. Since this is a very individualized program, I am only taking 5 clients–and I have one signed up already!

For another option, don’t forget my New Year New You Skype special is on through January 31.   You have until June 15 to redeem your Skype sessions.  There are two packages that include a one month schedule that can be used at any time.

Not sure what you need?

What are you looking for?  Do you like the dynamics of group camaraderie, need a schedule, but can be somewhat self-motivated?  Then the Foundations course might be best for you!

Do you need someone “bugging” you to keep you on track? 🙂  Need more personal accountability to help you break down the big picture into bite-sized segments?  The Choices for Change personal coaching package is your best option.

Are you more self-motivated but want help tweaking your form throughout the Challenge?  You might benefit best from one of the packages in the New Year New You Skype special.

Funds tight but you still would like some help?   I have a group on the T-Tapp forums called Small Steps to Success.  It’s free! 🙂  It’s not specifically geared to the Challenge, and there are no schedules or Skype sessions, but if you need a place to come, state your goals, check in with how you’re doing, and receive encouragement to rejoice in the baby steps to victory, this thread would be a great option!

If you have any questions about the programs/specials/threads mentioned, feel free to contact me!

A few more “goodies”!

I received my copy of the Senior Fit workout dvd yesterday!  I’m about to go through it, and will be reporting back here Monday to review it–plus announce a giveaway!  If you are interested in Senior Fit, click HERE to learn more at the T-Tapp store!

Next week I also hope to have pictures uploaded so I can tell you about Nerium!

One more “goodie”–you may have noticed I added an opt-in form on the sidebar!  If you are currently receiving updates through Feedburner, you might want to switch over–and get a free download, too!  If you’re not signed up, this would be great way to keep up with my latest posts and it will be easier for me to make special announcements as well!

See?  LOTS of goodies that won’t add a single inch! 😉


Photo credit:  gamene

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