MORE to lose? MORE candles on the birthday cake? MORE health issues? MORE joint issues?

How about MORE muscle activation?!

If you answered yes to any of those questions, MORE is the workout for you!

MORE is what I call an adaptive workout. If you are not very active and need to get started with gentle movement, MORE can help you.  If you are fit–yes even if you run 5 miles a day–MORE can challenge you! I often joke that it takes you from training wheels to racing bike! 🙂

MORE was created to help those who may have more to lose or more health or joint issues. The moves are modified to help those who may have shoulder, hip, back or knee issues along with other joint issues.

There are only four reps of most moves, and the pace is slower. There are kick-outs between each move, between each side of a move as well as between each set of Plies. The slower pace and fewer reps caused the trainers to call it a “Clinic in a Box” when it first came out, because that is what we do at clinics – we go at a slower pace and do fewer reps because that creates more muscle activation!

The slower pace is easier on the brain, causing a greater connection of brain to body. However, it’s tougher on the muscles! Now, if you’re saying thinking, “Wait a minute! Didn’t you just say that it would be gentle?!” Yes it is! The difference is the amount of muscle strength and stamina you bring to the workout. That’s why if you are stronger and more fit, you are going to bring a whole different level of muscle activation and brain-body connection into the workout than someone who is just getting cleared to exercise after surgery or injury to a joint.

When I started T-Tapp I started with the Total Workout, more specifically the 15-minute Basic Workout Plus and Step Away the Inches. Those were good workouts for me to do, but about 8 or 9 months into my T-Tapp journey I purchased MORE. I wish I would have started with MORE!  In fact, when someone asks me what workout to start with, I will most often recommend MORE. All the starter workouts are great, but that slower pace and excellent instructional really help lay a great foundation. I personally feel that if you did all three of the MORE workouts (MORE 1, MORE 2 and MORE 3), that would lay a great foundation no matter what other T-Tapp workouts you want to do next!

Having adrenal challenges makes it hard to make decisions. Often I was staring at my stash of DVDs and spending my workout time trying to pick one! Because I liked MORE I decided that if I didn’t have it figured out by the time I got my Skechers laced up and tied, it was going to be MORE. And that is how it became my go-to workout, going on to make up nearly half of my workouts that I did over the time that it took me to lose 8 sizes! I now know that the slower pace, modifications and kickouts made a huge difference with my adrenal issues to be able to do the workout—and see results! This was before Healthy Hormones came out, and while it is an amazing workout as well, if you have a hard time not knowing when you’ve overdone it or crossed that line of “I did too much”, you want to go with MORE instead.

MORE also has three short mini workouts that are 10 minutes or less. The Chair workout saved me many times when I was having issues with my hips that caused me to have to see the chiropractor often until I rehabbed them with T-Tapp. It was also great for those low energy days when you know you need to move but it’s hard to talk yourself into a workout! The short standing Broom workout is great for getting that lat activation. And the Stepping workout is just enough to get a little cardio without pushing you over the edge, as well as learning great technique for walking outdoors, too. On the Instructional menu there are excellent tips for getting up and down from a chair, the floor, best way to walk and use stairs to protect the knees along with a short video on Organs in Place on a slant board.

What’s the best way to start?

First, watch the Instructional. Yes, I said watch! In fact, watching through all the components at least once would be beneficial! Then do the Instructional—if for time’s sake you need to split it up, always warm up with Primary Back Stretch first.

You could then ease into MORE by doing half of the Instructional for several days in a row or all of it for 4-7 days in a row. Take 2 days off then you could do a schedule like this:

Th-Broom (could do Primary Back Stretch first)
Sun-Off (Primary Back Stretch okay)

Eventually you could do 2-3 days of MORE, then do a short mini-workout followed by another 2-3 days of MORE.

W-Stepping or Chair or Broom
S-MORE (or do another mini-workout!)
Sun-Off (Primary Back Stretch okay)

After you have been doing MORE for awhile (2-3 months) you could try MORE from My Home to Yours, which bumps the activation up a notch and is slightly faster, but not as fast-paced as Basic Workout Plus. There are a lot of options with MORE—and I love options!

I really believe MORE needs to be in every T-Tapper’s repertoire! You may not think that you need it because you’ve been T-Tapping a long time. With the newer workouts such as Senior Fit, Turn Back Time and First Step, there are other workouts that you can do to get muscle activation and fascia stretching. But if you are overwhelmed because of the length of those workouts, then MORE is a great place to start or to continue your T-Tapp muscle activation journey!

Next week (May 15-19) I will be doing a series of Facebook Live videos at 12:30 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday, where I will be doing a quick review of each of the starter workouts. Monday will be Basic Workout, Tuesday will be MORE, Wednesday– Healthy Hormones, Thursday– Senior Fit and Friday I will share tips to get started that apply to any workout! You can just show up on my Be Youthful ‘n Fit business page at 12:30 p.m. or come by later for the recording. If you ever wanted to hear a little review of each workout so you could make a better decision of where to start (or restart!), please join me!

{Disclosure: The sentence below has affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase through these links I do get a commission that helps me with my business so I can keep bringing you great tips, information and encouragement!  And sometimes it helps buy ice cream. After all, it is one of the essential food groups! 🙂 }

You can check out MORE out at the T-Tapp store. There’s also a GREAT deal on MORE 1 & 2, too!

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