New dvd!  Teresa taught us some of these sequences almost 2 years ago when I first certified. I took notes but not good enough to recreate it at home.  I’m SO excited this dvd is out!  It’s being introduced at a special price of $19.96 through November 15!

There is a Barre Sequence that is just fabulous.  No barre? No problem!  You can use a kitchen counter or back of a bar stool!

Then there is the Critter Crunch Sequence to thin out the upper, inner and outer thighs–oh yeah!  Nice, lean muscles–no bulk!

And finally there is the Extended Linear Stretch to help lean out bulky muscles and budge the residual pudge on the legs.

You can read more HERE and purchase this dvd–I’m  ordering mine first thing tomorrow!

I’ll be back later this week to talk about using target moves wisely–timely, eh? 😉

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