We’ve been patiently waiting for the new Turn Back Time dvd to be available in the store–and HERE it is!  A fantastic fusion of Total Workout, MORE level 2, Senior Fit (standing–36 minutes) and Critter Crunch 2, Brain-Body Fitness Floor, Brain-Body Core Floor plus tweaks from Hit the Floor Tempo (floor–25 minutes)–this dvd has it ALL!  Max muscle activation (NO path of least resistance), optimal lymphatic function (leverage isometrics in a special sequence), debulking AND fascia fitness–all coming together to turn back time for you!

It is a great full body workout and can be done with standing and floor back to back rotated in with your favorite workout dvds, or it can be done once a week on an off day.

For Deep Discount Tuesday you can purchase Turn Back Time for a special 20% discount!

You can also purchase the amazing Finger and Foot Fitness at HALF price!  I love the way this makes my feet feel!  Decreasing inflammation and increasing flexibility–helps with bunions, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and other repetitive injuries–my daughter who works at the post office loves the finger moves!

OR you can get BOTH at 40% off!   Check it out HERE!  




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