Just one more day until the FABULOUS Fitness Fusion in Ft. Wayne!   I have a great day planned–core work in the morning, some pampering over lunch, then getting down to business and applying that core in the afternoon!  We’ll finish up with some chair moves, sneaky fit and a muffin-blaster on the floor that will only take you about 10 minutes once you learn it!

More details HERE!  As of right now there is still room so you can show up at the door, but keep my contact info handy if you come only to the afternoon sessions as we might not hear you at the door!  (The doors of the facility need to stay locked but someone can let you in from the inside.)

I’m excited to help you learn to activate your core to the max and ramp up muscle activation– and sweat! 😉

Hope to see you there!


(And INDIANAPOLIS!  Are you interested in a clinic?  Just getting started on the possibility, so if you are interested, please let me know!)

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