Deep Discount Tuesday this week is Finger and Foot Fitness for LESS than HALF price!

Not really a workout but a sequence of movements designed to give optimal flexibility, lymphatic drainage and relief to tired and sore feet and fingers, Finger and Foot Fitness helped me rehab a foot I had broken a few years prior to finding T-Tapp.  It no longer aches when the weather changes!

One of my daughters works at the post office and the repetitive motion of some of her work has caused her some pain.  She memorized some of the finger sequences and does them during free moments for relief.

Heather Petrie attributed Finger and Foot Fitness to helping lay an excellent foundation for her size loss in 2 weeks while preparing for her bikini shoot with People Magazine a few years back!

If this dvd has been on your wishlist, today is the day to get it!  Grab it today before midnight for $16.50!  (Regularly $39.95!)

Click HERE to take advantage of this great deal and to give your feet and fingers some happy pampering! 😉



(P.S. The annual T-Tapp Retreat was AMAZING–as usual!  I hope to share more about my trip in upcoming posts–trying to get back into a routine after a crazy summer isn’t easy! 😉 )

Photo credits:

Louise Docker


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