It happens to all of us at different times–no results in spite of consistency.  For some, though, it happens at the beginning of their T-Tapp journey, making it tough to keep going.  We all like to see some progress, however small!


There are many reasons for not seeing inch loss.  Adrenal and thyroid issues are common ones, as are other health issues.  Overtraining is also a common cause.  The problem comes, though, in deciding what exactly is overtraining for you.


Overtraining could be from…

Too many target moves

Losing focus and/or focusing more on getting a workout done than focusing on form

Working out too many days in a row without taking a day off or light day

A “short” workout actually being more like a “full” workout due to your own challenges (extra stress, adrenal or thyroid issues)


If you are coming from a more intense type of workout, it can really be hard to embrace the “less is more” principle in T-Tapp.  But if you’re not seeing inch loss or any other improvements (remember, there are many Results of T-Tapp You Can’t Measure!), then it may be time to get serious about doing less.


The Prescription

1. First, do not pass GO and do not collect $200, but go right to the Curl the Core tips and practice them!  I would do the floor one twice a day–first thing in the morning and before bed. You could add Organs in Place after you do the core focus, if you wish.

2. Before you do a standing workout, I would do the tips that are against a wall.  Really think to bring your belly button UP and back to spine, then tighten the buns.  You want to initiate the “tuck” with your tummy.

3. Now this will be the hardest part–only do three moves!  Yes, I said three moves, and Primary Back Stretch will be one of them!  If you are doing Basic Workout Plus, I would count each set of Plies as one move, too.  Do Primary Back Stretch, then pick two more moves to do.  You are not going to just slog through them, though. You are going to do 2 reps, hit pause and do 2-4 on your own, more slowly and mindfully of curling your core and getting ribs up.  Follow some of the tips in this blogpost–Some Basic Tips.   This will take at least 10 minutes, depending upon how slow you want to go!

4. Don’t forget to do dry body brushing!  Believe it or not, it really helps move the lymph and can help the body tighten and tone–and some people have lost inches with body brushing alone!

5. Say nice things to yourself!  This should really be #1–too often, especially when we are hitting a plateau or not seeing the results we want, it’s stressful and we start getting frustrated with ourselves, and especially with the body parts that are not responding to our efforts!  Please choose to say kind things about yourself and about your body.  YOU are beautiful, inside and out!



There are many other variables in the “no inch loss” diagnosis, but these steps should help get things going in the right direction, if you don’t have serious health, adrenal or thyroid issues. I would try this schedule for at least 3 weeks before you return to your former or a new routine with workouts. I have one client who lost 4 sizes in 6 months doing “just” three moves a day and focusing on curling her core whenever she could. Another client did just 3-5 moves a day for several months, laying a great foundation, then went on to lose 13 inches in ALL the right places during the 60 Day Challenge that year–and that’s wonderful for a combo body type who is a turtle loser!


Give this prescription 3 weeks, then go back to a short workout routine for 3 weeks–I’ll use Basic Workout and Step Away the Inches as examples:

W- light day (Primary Back Stretch and 2 moves)
S- your choice or a light day
Sun- Off (Primary Back Stretch okay)


Basically it is short workouts daily with one day off and one light day midweek.  This will help guard against overtraining!


If you are “taking” this prescription, please let me know in the comments, and keep me posted on how it’s working for you!  I’d especially love to hear after 6 weeks how you are doing!




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