Years ago when I was teaching a particular phonics program, the author talked about “learning hangers”.

She explained that children file the phonics facts, much like we put hangers in a closet.  One day, it “clicks” and they can connect the fact with experience, much like hanging a coat or shirt on a hanger.   For example, they file the C hanger, the A hanger, and the T hanger.   The “light bulb” goes on and they realize those three pieces make an “outfit”–CAT!

T-Tapp is very much the same!

When we first start, we can sometimes be overwhelmed with all the form tips and cues.  It’s easy to feel if we don’t do it all “perfectly”, we won’t get results.  While there are certainly some form issues that will hinder inch loss, there is a lot of “grace” factored in! 🙂

We are after progress–not perfection!  Just as any other endeavor, including learning to read, we didn’t do it perfectly right from the start.  There is always a learning curve.  The catch is for us to be patient with ourselves–just like you would be to a close friend!  Can you imagine telling your dearest friend in the world that she had better buckle down and get something perfect the first time she did it, whether it’s homeschooling, T-Tapp, Zumba, learning a new computer program or designing a website?!  How discouraging!

Yet we seem to be very impatient and unkind to ourselves, expecting we should have learned something perfectly–the first time.

You have my permission to not be perfect! 🙂  But I do want you to make progress!

Just like those “learning hangers” for phonics (or math–remember when you could chant 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and didn’t have a clue what it all meant?!), you’ll have T-Tapp “hangers”.

You’ll think you have “tuck buns” or “shoulders back” down, best you know.  Later you’ll hear it again, and somehow, it clicks!   Perhaps you reread the Fit and Fabulous book, or you “read” the dvd (trainer Dan Wiley–aka Dantheman–advocates that very thing in this post).  You’ve heard the expression, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”?  Same thing here!  You’ve learned a bit of muscle activation and then your ears (and muscles) are ready for more!

It’s not that you didn’t “get it” before.  You just weren’t ready to hear it and assimilate it yet.  Much like when you chanted the alphabet song or could count to 100 with no idea what “100” actually was!   Then one day your mom or older sister helped you count 100 pennies (for maybe the 100th time!) and you got it!

Another fact placed neatly on its hanger!

We all joke about Teresa’s “remote activation system” where we just know she never said lift ribs in that exact spot before–and yet, there it is!  Our ears weren’t ready yet.  We were too busy keeping those knees bent and going out to little toe!

In T-Tapp lingo, these are called “a-ha’s”.  Or, if it’s really big, an “a-HA”! 🙂

And it can take more time than you know!

I remember at the very first clinic I went to, the trainer would pull on my fingers during the “reach/dive” in PBS.  I thought, “Ah!  I’m supposed to reach more!”

Next clinic (same trainer), she did it again.  So I thought, “Oh!  I was reaching up more than out!”

Next clinic (same trainer!), she did it again! LOL! Now, I could have asked what she was trying to get me to see, but each time I thought I understood–and I did. At my level, for that time.

At yet another clinic (yes, with the same trainer!), I GOT it!  I realized that yes, I needed to reach more, I needed to reach out instead of up, and I needed to get my arms parallel to the floor! She had said that, but I wasn’t ready to “hear it” yet!

I hope that encourages you!  That process took place over 4 clinics that were held over a period of 2 1/2 years!

NOT perfection! A progression!  🙂

When you understand that it’s not about perfection, but progress–at your pace, at your level of understanding–it is really freeing and you can be confident that when you “need” to hear a new tip/tweak–

–it will be there!

Have any neat “a-ha’s” that have stood out to you?  Please share!

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