I jokingly call myself the “Queen of Super Slow”!

I love to break workouts down to just a few moves at a time.  And then break the moves down.  I even like to break down the Curl the Core tips! 🙂

I’ve posted a lot about cardio vs. going slow.  Tempo vs. Super Slow.  Tempo workouts are great and they have a lot to offer—BUT—if you don’t have the basics down, you won’t get as much out of them.  Or any other cardio workout, for that matter.

I can raise my heart rate by activating my muscles–even though I am going slowly. In fact, just last week at a homeschool co-op, I demonstrated this to a dozen moms.  I had half an hour for the class, so we did curling the core on the floor, the T-Tapp stance, and 2 moves.  And most of us were sweating within 15 minutes! 🙂

By focusing on the core, you can turn up the heat–and I mean really turn it up!  Tuesday night during the monthly call for the Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration program, I was pretty warm after doing just the Spinal Curl from Healthy Hormones Menopause Management!

I can’t say it enough!  Get those Curl the Core tips printed out and practice at least one of them regularly. You may find one helps you “feel the core” better than another–go with that one!  Do it before your workouts.  Do it on “off days”.  Get that brain-to-body connection established!

Next month’s Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration will be using Total Workout Super Slow (you might not be able to see it unless you are logged into the store).   It is THE ULTIMATE instructional!  It covers Primary Back Stretch through the Airplane Stretch and breaks those moves down, first 4 reps super slow and then 4 to tempo.  To give you an idea of how slow–it takes 20 minutes for Primary Back Stretch alone!

When I first did this workout, I had to split it up into 20 minute increments–which means the first day PBS was all I did!  The next day I warmed up with PBS from another dvd to get through it more quickly, then picked up with Plies.  I did this over a week and a half– and lost 3 inches!

TWO Super Slow is a Retreat Series Master Class.  You will need to have purchased Basic Workout Plus, MORE, Total Workout or the book to be able to create an account to log into the store.  And the nice thing is–the moves are chaptered!  Yay!

This workout really lays a GREAT foundation for muscle activation.  And it’s a good one to go back to from time to time, just like the Instructionals.

Whether you decide to join me for October’s Beautiful YOU! program or not–you can benefit from adding TWO Super Slow to your T-Tapp arsenal!  But if you want to join me, you will get schedule rotations using this 105 minute workout.  Yes, I will be breaking it down for those who, like me when I first got Super Slow, can only spend 20 minutes!  I also share daily tips on the private forum Monday through Friday about everything from how we talk to ourselves to great threads on the forums I’ve bookmarked over the years.  I share recipes, too–both for skin care and for eating! 😉

During the monthly call I break down a few of the moves.  You can do it with me during the call, or take notes and download the mp3 to practice later.   One participant stated it was practically like being at a clinic! 🙂

Even if you can’t join me for October, please consider adding TWO Super Slow to your T-Tapp workout collection.  You can split it up–always remember to warm up with Primary Back Stretch first–and yes, you can do that with a different dvd so you’re not always spending 20 minutes on that move!  (Although I think you could learn a lot just by focusing on PBS for a week with TWO Super Slow!)

I’m excited to focus on this great workout that is chock full of form tips, tweaks, hows and whys in next month’s Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration program!   (Click on the green link for registration information!)

If you have done Total Workout Super Slow, please share your experience!   I’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credit:  Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation

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