Are you ready for the 60 Day Challenge?

The annual T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge starts April 15 and will go through June 15.  An official T-Tapp newsletter will go out next week with more details about how to register and take your measurements, pictures, etc.

What is the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge?  For 60 days you will do only T-Tapp (walking, treadmill and elliptical is permitted as well as any physical therapy you may be currently doing) to see what T-Tapp can do for you!  There are different categories, under 50 and over 50, and sub categories within those 2 groupings as well as the option to add health improvements.

It’s NOT about “the biggest loser”!  It is about how T-Tapp reshapes your body and improves your life!


People approach the Challenge in a variety of ways.  

Some use it as a big push to lose a size or two for an event or season.  Others use it to jumpstart consistency.  Still others approach it with the mindset of improving their health in some way.

Your goal for the Challenge will determine your plan.  But I want to offer a few tidbits of advice for everyone, regardless of your goals for the Challenge.


Make it doable

It does no good to start out the chute with a rigorous workout schedule that you can’t maintain with normal life happenings.  It’s fine to bump things up a notch, but don’t sabotage yourself right at the start with a schedule that you will struggle to keep.

If you deal with adrenal or health issues, you will want to focus more on consistency and health improvements.  And yes you CAN lose inches and reshape your body doing seated workouts or “just” 3 moves per day!


Do the workout you LIKE!

Yes, I know floorwork seems the thing to do for your abs, but if you hate floorwork, guess what? You will hate doing it, you will find reasons to not do it, and you will fizzle out.

You can try a new workout but don’t try 5 new workouts!  You need some continuity to get that muscle activation and brain-body connection.  You can rotate through 3-4 workouts, but don’t do a different one every single day.   Pick 2-3 workouts you like to start, or 2 you like plus one new one to try. You can switch it up later, but always do what you love, not what you think you should do!


Keep a record

Measuring weekly (unless you are a less-to-lose) can be motivational and it can help you figure out a form issue if you aren’t losing in a particular area or gaining inches in spite of good efforts.  So can logging other improvements that you can’t just can’t measure, like better sleep, less pain, better mood, etc.  Some T-Tappers have reduced or totally gotten off of medications during the Challenge! THAT’S a result worth hundreds of inches!   You’ll also appreciate keeping a journal when it’s time to write your essay at the end of the Challenge!


Don’t give up!

It is tempting to just throw in the towel when we get derailed.  DON’T! Stick with it to the end and finish the course–no, you might not “win”, but you will have that sense of accomplishment that you DID it!


DON’T compare!

This is the hardest one!  People will be excited about inches they’re losing, results they’re seeing in pictures they take along the way, health improvements, etc.  But you might be plugging away and not really seeing much change.  Rejoice with them, then focus back on your plan.  Remind yourself that you are in it for the long haul. That you are creating a lifestyle change, not just doing a quick Challenge and then back to life as usual.  No, you won’t have the same intensity after the Challenge, but you will have the habit of consistency and logging progress–and that is a win!


Lay a Foundation NOW!

Yes, it starts in a week.  But you can focus on muscle activation NOW!  Why not dust off an Instructional or a slower workout, and rotate through it 2-4 moves at a time?  Alignment and activation are the keys to success–NOT how many long and grueling workouts you are doing!


One of the questions that are often asked is, “Can I work with a trainer or go to a clinic during the Challenge?”  YES!  Just make note of it in your final essay, whether you did webcam sessions, an online course or worked with a trainer in person or at a clinic.

Speaking of clinics 🙂 I will be in Tempe, Arizona on April 14 and Tuscon, Arizona  on April 21!  Three sessions for each clinic–with a great discount if you choose all 3!

T-Tapp in Tempe

T-Tapp in Tuscon

If you are planning to come, please register soon as I will have to make a decision by next Wednesday if there are enough coming for me to make the trip–and I REALLY want to meet Arizona T-Tappers! 🙂

I’d love to hear what YOUR goals and plans are for the Challenge!



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