The first Thursday of each month (usually!) I try to hold a Facebook Party.  It is a LOT of fun!

If you’re new to “Facebook parties” you might have some questions:

  1. Is this a live event?
  2. Where exactly do I find this party when it’s time?
  3. Will I be able to see the information later as I am not available at that time?
  4. What do I DO?
  5. How long does the party last?

All great questions!


Is this a live event?

Yes, kind of!  It’s all done on an event page on my Facebook business page.  A few minutes before I’ll be in there and usually say something like “Who’s ready to party?!”  🙂  I will be posting and then you can participate in the comments.  Sometimes I ask questions, I might share a form tip or tip for getting your water in, I’ll share links to blog posts I think might be helpful as well as offer some freebies (you might need to sign up for my e-mail list for some of them) and sometimes I offer specials on products and services, too!

Note–if you are already on my e-mail list and I am offering a freebie for those who sign up, I send through an e-mail during the party with the download links for YOU, too!  ♥


Where exactly do I find this party when it’s time?!

When it’s time for the party, you’ll want to head over to the Event Page.  On that page there are two selections–About and Discussion. You want to select Discussion as that’s where all the action will be at!


Will I be able to see the information later as I am not available at that time?

Absolutely! You can go back to the Discussion page to see all the conversations, and I usually have the freebies and specials available for 24 hours after the party (until 9 or 10 p.m. that next night) to give everyone an opportunity to benefit!


What do I DO?!

Hit refresh or the F5 key often so you can stay current. Sometimes it will seem slow then all of a sudden comments are flying everywhere! 🙂  I try my best to keep up but I do miss one here and there. After the “party” is over I go back through to make sure I responded to any questions. So if you asked a question and I missed it, hang around or come back a little later as I’ll be sure to respond!


How long does the party last?

Just an hour–and it flies by SO fast!  Since this is all done via typing in the comments, you are free to grab a snack, a drink, take care of your little ones–whatever you need to do. The conversations will be there waiting for you when you get back!


If you have any other questions about Facebook parties, comment here or contact me.  If you’ve attended my parties in the past, what are your favorite parts? What kind of freebies would you like to receive?!

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