We just finished up our 4-H fair where our family of 11 partook of a total of 137 thick milkshakes from a local Lions’ Club Dairy Bar!  It’s time to get back into the T-Tapp groove!

And what a better way than today’s Deep Discount Tuesday!  Step Away the Inches or the Combo with Step It to the Max at a deep, deep discount!

SATI is normally $19.95 but it is $11.25 today only!

Or you can get the Combo, usually $30, for $20!  That’s getting BOTH for the price of SATI alone!

The Step Away series are great for a bit of cardio and there are upper body moves as well.  A total body workout!  Step It to the Death Max bumps the cardio even more! SATI is the equivalent of a 2 mile walk, SITTM more like a 5 mile walk.  GREAT workouts for those who like more cardio!

Ready to work off those 4th of July treats?  (Or, in my case, County Fair milkshakes?!)

Click HERE!

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