I’m heading over to Mansfield, OH tomorrow for a two day event!  Tomorrow night from 7-9 is BWO+–grab your spouse, a friend, or just come solo.  I’ll be sharing some new tweaks from the Retreat to help you take your workouts up a notch!

Then Saturday is a Ladies’ Only Day!  Teen/stay-at-home daughters welcome as well, and at a discounted price!  We’ll be doing MORE in the morning, along with going over some TappCore moves and talk about fitting it in!

Saturday afternoon will be a meshing together of BWO+ with new tweaks, Brain/Body Fitness and Mindful Movement.  Better hormonal balance and improved metabolism are the goals!  Then we’ll get down on the floor and learn how to keep the core activated for strength, health and flatter abs!

During lunch I will share about skin care using T-Tapp’s Skin Saver series, dead sea mineral salts, brushing, and I’ll also share about inexpensive, natural products to help you have soft, glowing skin!

If you’ve been following Teresa on her Facebook page, you’ll know Nerium is the new buzzword–I’ll be sharing about that, too –and have some with me for purchase!

There’s still room, and walk-ins are welcome!  If you think you want to come, just give me a  call at the number on the registration page and I can give you location details!

MAX Muscle Activation in Mansfield, OH!

Hope to see you there!


Note:  If you’re coming for the afternoon session, you might want to bring an exercise mat as the floor is tile.

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