Digest Plus

We ALL love a good sale and today, for 6 hours only, you can get TWO bottles of Digest Plus, with FREE shipping (even international!) AND choose the workout of your choice for HALF OFF!  YES, even the digital workouts!

I personally LOVE Digest Plus and won’t be without it! I don’t have a gall bladder and had some nasty bile dump issues when I started into menopause–Digest Plus stopped it! Plus it helps decrease bloating when I’m eating out.

Here’s what Teresa shared, with all the details:

Hi Everyone….. tomorrow I am offering a Super Sunday Special for 6 hours – 8:30 am – 2:30 pm EST

In addition to BOGO for Digest Plus with free shipping (including international) you have the opportunity to purchase one workout of your choice at half off (dvd or digital).

Order for BOGO Digest Plus is to be done through the webstore so your have an order ID number, then call 1-800-342-0717 to place the other half of your order with Marisa or email Marisa@t-tapp.com.

Since we expect a lot of phone calls you might get the message machine….if so be sure to leave your name and phone number so Marisa can call you back. If you email her, be sure to identify your Digest Plus order number as well as leave your phone number so she can call you back.

All emails and/or phone messages must be left before 2:31 pm EST.

Last of all, since it is free shipping, if you want to purchase 2 BOGO Digest Plus sets, you can select two workouts of your choice.

Happy Shopping! Digest Plus is a wonderful proprietary blend of Systemic and Digestive Enzymes. It was specially created for me by a renowned master formulator. There is no other digest product on the market as powerful as Digest Plus….and those that are close to same level of ingredients are twice the cost! Without food the systemic enzymes are optimal, with food the digestive enzymes are optimal. This formula is powerful! I even take it with my Premium Blended Alfalfa for optimal assimilation.

You can order your Digest Plus through the webstore HERE!

If you’ve had a workout on your wish list–this is like Christmas coming early! 😀

Happy shopping!

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