Deep Discount Tuesday this month is a new favorite–Broom 2!

A power-packed workout in just 13 minutes?!

You got it!

First, a few minutes of stepping instruction, then a few of working with the broom– then Teresa puts it all together!

Can I just say I am sweating buckets after 8 minutes of stepping with the broom?!   Positioning the broom while walking will help you optimize the shoulders-in-alignment-with-the-hips form to supercharge this workout by engaging those lats to the max!

Already reasonably priced at $19.95 it’s 30% off for DDT!  Just $13.97 for a little workhouse that you can fit even into the busiest day!

I have had several clients and friends tell me they LOVE Broom 2 for its shorter length but also that it also delivers a powerful PUNCH in a short time!

Click HERE to take advantage of this great deal and SWEEP those inches away! 😉

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