I am so grateful for one client who contacted me after purchasing her Skype session on the sale I was running.  If she hadn’t, I would have just thought no one was buying!  Apparently I didn’t save some changes and the PayPal button code reverted back to the example e-mail–which isn’t a real e-mail!

I have no way of knowing who purchased anything since it didn’t come to my e-mail.  If you purchased any services this past weekend (Friday through Monday), you probably got a confirmation e-mail that said you sent a payment to your @ paypal-email (dot) com.  Obviously this isn’t me! 🙂  You can cancel that transaction, then you can go to the Fantastic Friday page and purchase it with the corrected buttons!  I will be leaving the sale page up for a little longer due to this glitch.  If you would prefer to contact me personally about it, feel free to use the contact form and put “PayPal Glitch” in the subject line and I’ll put a high priority on getting back to you!

I’m so sorry for all this trouble–but I sure have learned a lot!

Also, to further put your mind at ease, if after 30 days the money is not claimed by me (which it can’t be, since it’s not my e-mail), it will automatically revert back to you.  Whew!

I won’t bore you with all the other technological issues I had last week….

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