The Numbers Game….whether it’s the scales, the tape measure, the clothing sizes, all involve numbers….and all seem to have immense power over us!

When those numbers go down–we’re HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  🙂

When those numbers go up–WE go down down down!  🙁

Isn’t amazing that something so simple can play such havoc with our emotions?!

This is going to be hard to imagine, but— you don’t have to be a slave to numbers!  I know it’s great to see the weight go down, measurements change for the better and get into a smaller size in clothing, BUT–

That does not tell the whole story of what’s going on inside.  A number on a scale or tape measure doesn’t tell you if the loss or gain is fat or muscle (and I honestly don’t put much stock in the body fat percentage scales, either).  Those numbers don’t measure overall health improvements.  And numbers don’t measure how you truly feel–the feeling of accomplishment of getting through a workout you could only dream about 2 years ago, for example!

Our society is so obsessed with quantification that sometimes it denies our accomplishments all because a number we’re watching isn’t where we want it to be!

As we start down the homestretch of the 60 Day Challenge, many of us will measure (and some of you will weigh, although I don’t recommend it!).  There’s a bit of anticipation that the hard work of the past 30+ days will show, maybe just a little bit, how we’re doing.

Nothing wrong with a “sneak peek”!  That is, unless you are going to let it defeat you and drag you down if it’s not showing what you want.

Some will have less inch loss than they had hoped for.
Some will have no inch loss.
Some will have gains!

What is your reaction?  Will you feel all your hard work has been vain?  Will you beat yourself up for enjoying a life event (birthdays, for example) or that you missed some workouts due to sick kids?

If the Numbers Game brings frustration and despair of ever succeeding at your goals, maybe it’s best to leave the scales, the tape measure and even trying on of clothes for now, and focus on what you can’t measure.

Better health.

Better sleep.

Less PMS.

Feeling more confident in who you are right now.

You see, the “measuring” devices don’t measure the most important thing–who you are as a person.  A number on the scales does not tell me if you are a good listener or the life of the party.

A number on a measuring tape doesn’t tell me if you have a dimple when you smile or gorgeous eyes.

A tag on a piece of clothing doesn’t tell me what a great mom or friend you are.

I know we all want to do our best for the 60 Day Challenge.  And of course it would be great to win, right?!

But if you lose a good amount of inches only to berate yourself because it wasn’t more….if you get into that next cute outfit that’s a size smaller but you still fuss about some other body part that isn’t fitting the way you want….if you see the scales go down but you crash your adrenals and end up in bed on March 26 because you overdid it—what will it matter?

As someone who saw a size and weight I hadn’t seen in over 20 years at one point, but had stressed adrenals, please listen when I say–it doesn’t matter if you get to your goal size but you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it.

And, if I may also say…if you can’t pat yourself on the back for what you’ve been able to do so far in your consistency, whether you see immediate results or not–and if you can’t enjoy the little benefits along the way–

You won’t be happy when you get “there”, either.

Numbers can help us track progress, but they don’t tell who we really are.  Remember that T-Tapp’s 60 Day Challenge is NOT “whoever loses the most inches wins”.  It is about a life change, how it impacts your whole life.

Want to know the best way to “win” at the Numbers Game?

Be content with who you are.  Then whether you have a huge success in inch loss today, or whether you are counting the things that aren’t measured in numbers–you can smile and say to yourself, “I am a winner!”

Photo credit: anomalous4

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