It happens so easily, so subtly.

You have great focus on form.  You are pouring sweat and really getting a lot out of your workouts.  You see the tape measure start moving in the right direction, or your clothes are fitting a bit more loosely.  You feel amazing!

Ah, progress!

Things are going along smoothly, and you are feeling fantastic.  But slowly, nearly unnoticed, an enemy is sneaking in the back door.

It’s called “The Path of Least Resistance”.

It happens to us with our supplements or good eating routines.  We get into a good groove and feel better.  Then after awhile, we back off a bit.  Maybe we’re tried of swallowing so many capsules. Maybe we go on vacation and get out of our routine.  Maybe we’re tired of making sure our meals are balanced.

In T-Tapp, it’s a straightening knee here.  A collapsed ribs issue there.  Maybe we even get to the point we don’t realize we’re not really curling our core as much as we used to.

Vigilance is required to hold onto conquered ground in any area, even in our workouts!

This is why trainers often suggest revisiting the Instructionals–the extra focus on form and holding position, along with a slower pace (especially if you use MORE Instructional or Total Workout Super Slow!) helps you detect the ways the enemy has creeped into the camp.

Other helps are:

Mirrors.  A mirror or a window glass where you can see yourself is great.  Many times we find our knees aren’t bent as much as we think they are.  Or our flat back isn’t so flat!

Videos.  Yes, we don’t like them any more than we do pictures 😉 but videos can be a great way to see what you’re really doing away from the mirror.  Having a trainer review it is great, but you can see obvious form issues just watching it yourself.

Skype sessions. Many trainers offer Skype sessions.  The benefit of Skype over video review is you have instant feedback!  Plus, if you don’t understand something, the trainer can demonstrate for you.  It’s the next best thing to an in-person session!  (No, I don’t offer Skype sessions yet–I need a little more experience under my belt! 😉 )

In person sessions or clinics.  Obviously this is the best!  A trainer can get hands-on and really help you understand what you need to be feeling or help tweak your form.  Or show you where you have become a bit easy on yourself.

You don’t have to spend a penny–you can use the mirror or video yourself for your own review.  Have a friend who also T-Tapps spot you for obvious things like straightening the knees (especially on one-legged flamingo moves!) or losing your core.

The path of least resistance creeps in on the best of us!  I noticed in pictures from my recent clinics that I am leaning back a bit!  So even I need to focus on really tightening my core. 😉

You don’t have to be paranoid!  Simply do a form check from time to time–just because you had it great once doesn’t mean it will magically stay that way! 😉

Remember–vigilance!  You don’t want to give up those hard earned losses just because you let this enemy creep in unchallenged!  If it’s been awhile since you did the Instructionals, why not take 4 days to do them and see if you don’t get an a-ha or two?!

And you might make friends with your mirror and video camera, too!

Believe me, they will become your best friends and guards against the enemy of “path of least resistance”!





Photo credits:
toy soldiers

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