We had a great time at the Mansfield OH clinic last Saturday!  Many thanks to Hannah C. for inviting me out there, helping do the legwork on that end and providing wonderful hospitality for my daughters and me!

I thought I’d share something that happened–and show you the incredible power of what I call “not-free kickouts”!

We arrived in Mansfield last Friday late afternoon.   I was feeling fine until just before bed, but chalked it up to nerves (both classes on Saturday were maxed out!).  On into the night, though, I realized I was truly sick! :p   I think it was a mix of some nerves (happy nerves, but nerves just the same!), having eaten fast food that didn’t set well and a little bit of hormonal stuff going on.

Suffice it to say I didn’t get to sleep until 2 a.m.–and had to get up at 6!

I was not even able to fully stand up for quite awhile.  I joked that here I would be, the trainer, all hunched over telling everyone to get their ribs up!  LOL!

Thankfully by the time the clinic actually started, I was feeling much better!  (Texted several family and friends and asked them to please pray!)

I already knew the great power of these “not-free kickouts” from my Indiana clinic on March 31.  But this time I added being really sick and sleep-deprived to the mix!  Would they still work?

They sure did!

I could not believe how good I felt by noon, and by the end of the day I felt fantastic!  I shared with the ladies in the afternoon session about it, and one of my “forum friends” said later she never would have guessed that I had been sick and sleep-deprived if I hadn’t told them!

So just what are “not-free kickouts”?!

It is kicking out with purpose–focus and intention.  Instead of just kicking, kick like you are kicking a ball–not necessarily trying to score a goal in soccer, but kicking with purpose!  Keep your core curled and ribs up, really reach out and jazz those hands while you’re kicking out.  Teresa teaches a variation of this on the new Healthy Hormones: Brain=-Body Fitness dvd.  This is the Full Public Television Documentary, which includes interviews from several T-Tappers as well as Mary Shomon and Teresa Tapp.  At the end is a 10 minute sequence of exercises from Senior Fit, and in that 10 minute sequence she shows the “not-free kickouts”!  (She’s even tweaked them more since that dvd was made!)

This is a great dvd to show to friends and family who wonder what T-Tapp is–you have women of all ages and walks of life as well as a few men sharing how T-Tapp improved their lives!

Click here for more info and to purchase.  If for nothing other than the 10 minute sequence and “not-free kickouts” (as well as the clap-pulls!), it would be worth every penny!

Believe me when I say that these little changes and tweaks made the difference between barely surviving and thriving for me last Saturday!  Just think what they’ll do for your workouts!



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