These are my personal beginner recommendations, not necessarily T-Tapp’s, although on the forums many trainers have encouraged more focus on Instructionals vs. bootcamps.

 Whether you are brand new to T-Tapp or coming back after a break (planned or unplanned!), it’s important to not skimp on laying a good foundation.

Since I am healing from adrenal fatigue, I have a special place in my heart for those with health challenges. These recommendations come from my experience—sometimes learning lessons the hard way!

Please learn to listen to your body!  Sometimes we need a “kick in the pants”, and other times we need to rest. I think that is one of the greatest gifts T-Tapp has given me—the ability to listen to and heed the body’s signals! You are laying a good foundation with the Instructionals, and that will yield great results. I know of one lady whose motto was “focus and intention” on just 5 moves for several weeks. She went on to do the 60 Day Challenge and her body really responded well and reshaped! So do not skimp on your foundation!

 When Teresa is talking away and seems to have forgotten you are standing there in position, you are supposed to stay there! This time is helping build or rebuild neurokinetic (mind-to-muscle) connections. If you need to kick out, do so, but then get right back into position! 😉

Write this down and put it in a prominent place:

The Pause Button Is Your FRIEND!

Feel free to use it to kick out more, get another water break, etc. There are no prizes for gritting your teeth and getting all the way through it–especially when your form suffers so badly you get little progress from it! I personally kick out after each and every move, between sets of plies, and between sides on most moves. Also, if you feel you can only do 4 repetitions instead of 8, that’s great! You are going to your max ability. And if half-way through you are “done”, then be done!

 Here are a few steps: 

  • Watch the Instructional dvd for your workout. If you are doing Total Workout, I would first start with Instructional 1. I know we like to jump right in, but if you are new to T-Tapp, getting a feel for how Teresa cues and teaches will help you when you actually do it with her.

  • DO the Instructional! You can certainly break if up if you need to for stamina or time’s sake, but always warm up with Primary Back Stretch (PBS) before starting again. For the adrenal challenged, I often advise only doing 2-3 moves per day, sometimes every other day. As I said above, cutting reps is totally fine!

  • My favorite “bootcamp” is 4 days of Instructionals (or moves or parts of it if you can’t handle all of it in one day), then 2 days off. I have done maybe 8 bootcamps over 5 years, and the shorter ones yielded better progress overall than the longer ones I did in the beginning!

  • Start with an every other day (EOD) routine. If you are pretty fit already with no health issues, MORE and Basic Workout Plus (BWO+) are safe to do daily. But always take 1 day off per week except for Primary Back Stretch. As your muscles build strength you can mix up your routine a bit and find what works for your stamina and your schedule.
  • Revisit the Instructionals! It’s easy to feel we don’t need them, but you will be surprised at what will “pop out” to you when you come back to them! I would at least revisit them every 2 months or so, especially if you’re just beginning T-Tapp.
  •  DO measure and take pictures before! I know we hate pictures. But I would not have the amazing testimony I do now if I had not done so. No one has to see them but you. Often there are things that will show up in pictures that don’t even show up on the tape measure!
  • Keep a journal of things that you can’t measure. Better sleep. Balanced hormones. Less pain. Often those become more motivating than inch loss!
  • Finally, ENJOY THE JOURNEY! It is a journey, and sometimes there are detours, delays, and rearranging of plans. Just focus on better health and the next size down. Consistency is key!

These tips will help you lay a good foundation as you start your T-Tapp journey.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact me!

Happy Tappin’!

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