Have you ever wanted a bit more “zip” in your step?  More “lively” in your life?!

While I can’t promise you’ll get an extra boost of energy just from receiving Vivace :), you can get some great tips to stay consistent, start a new habit (like body brushing), be inspired and encouraged!

Vivace is my new monthly e-zine that will be rolling out tomorrow, October 9!  If you are already subscribed to the newsletter, you will automatically get this. But if you are only getting blog updates (no e-mails about Deep Discount Tuesdays or upcoming classes) you’ll need to subscribe to receive Vivace.

I know everyone is busy–living LIFE!  At the most, you’ll get 3-4 other e-mails per month from me.  I should say, “usually”! Obviously if there is BIG NEWS or a great sale other than Deep Discount Tuesday, I’ll be letting you know! 🙂   Those on my newsletter list get a heads up on Deep Discount Tuesday and other sales (like Black Friday!) as well as current schedule of my events (I try to keep my events page here at the website updated but sometimes it gets a bit dusty).

My goal with Vivace is to combine several short articles and/or links to encourage you in your T-Tapp journey to a better body and better health!

If you’re not already subscribed, click HERE to sign up!

And life LIFE to its fullest–VIVACE!

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