The past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions with my mother-in-law going into the hospital, then passing away last Monday.   It was good to catch up with family and friends, yet sad to lose our last parent/grandparent.  She was a great lady with a big personality that will be sorely missed!

Today’s Deep Discount Tuesday is an often overlooked GEM!   We did Warm-Up Workout #1 for January’s Beautiful YOU program and we all loved it!  If you are wanting some extra muscle activation tips, especially for floor, the Warm-Up Workouts are where to get them!  We had many “a-ha’s” during January!  I’m excited to explore Warm-Up Workouts #2 and #3 in future months for Beautiful YOU!

For DDT you can get any one for 30% off or all three for 50% off!  That is a GREAT deal!

Click HERE to take advantage of this great deal and get started on some new muscle activation!

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