What Story Are You Telling?  by Trisch Richardson

Stories can be fun! They can continue a family tradition, entertain little ones (and older ones!), and get a point or principle across in a fun way.  They can be scary (who can tell the scariest story at a late night bonfire?!), funny, sad, inspiring or a mix of everything.

But stories can also be….well….not so good.  Or fun.  Especially when they are stories we tell ourselves that are not true.

The stories we tell ourselves are what motivate us–or defeat us.  I was reading a post about “dangerous business expenses”, and this paragraph caught my attention:

We all have stories in our lives.  Stories that play through our mind about why we can’t do something.  Why someone else can’t do something.  And why it won’t work for us.  I know you have them, because I hear them from you on a regular basis. If you are one of my clients, I call you out on them on a regular basis.

I thought of the “stories” I have told myself, talking myself out of the very things that contribute to my success in improving my health, stamina, and losing inches.  I also thought of the “stories” I have told myself when I was training to become a trainer, or when I mentored for another workout certification.

Stories that were not true.

Thankfully I’ve had wonderful mentors, friends and family that believed in me even when I didn’t always believe in myself, and I am very grateful for their input into my life!

We really are our own worst critic–but we can change that and become our own best friend!  We need to ditch the negative stories, the limiting stories that hinder us from reaching our goals.

Some “stories” you might need to get rid of:

This won’t work for me.

I don’t have time to work out.

I’m waiting until ______ to get started.

                               I can’t afford a dvd right now.

                                I need to see results quickly or I won’t be motivated.

There’s not a trainer near me.

                                                                                It’s too hard!

All of these statements are “stories” we tell ourselves that will sabotage our best efforts, because at the core, we are afraid it won’t work and we don’t believe we can do it.

But yes we CAN!  Here are TRUE stories:

I am going to give this my best efforts and I’m giving it time–I know it will work!

I do have time–I can sneak a few moves in each day!

There is no “perfect” time–I am starting TODAY!

There are many free clips on YouTube and the Try Before You Buy page–I can get started there and save my change until I have enough for a dvd.

I know it takes time to see results and I am committed to set realistic goals and celebrate all successes, however small.

There are many trainer options online–I can get my form checked without ever leaving my house!

I can do it–even a few moves at a time!

The wrong stories will cost you. They cost you your health and your success because they will keep you from even trying to reach your goals. (Or to set idealistic goals that are not realistic and truly attainable).

The right stories will support you.  They will help you reach attainable goals, however small, and they will build a momentum that will be the foundation for sweet success!

The post I read summed it up well–although talking about business, it is all the more applicable to making lifestyle changes, including T-Tapp, to improve quality of life inside and out!

The stories in your mind will write your future.  If you are struggling in your business, I suggest you look hard to find your limiting stories, and the limiting stories of others.  Cancel your subscription and start creating a new future.  Remember, the wrong stories are expensive and you can’t afford to buy them!

“The stories in your mind will write your future”….

what’s your story?


Inspired by Amy Walker, “Do you know about this dangerous business expense?”

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