Wondering what you’ll do to keep your motivation high now that the 60 Day Challenge is coming to an end?

There’s nothing like a challenge where many people are doing it at the same time to have fun and help keep motivation high!  But what do you do when it comes to an end? I know for many of us, we want to be careful to not lose the momentum we’ve gained during the past 60 days.

You could turn around and do your own personal 60-day challenge for the next 60 days and maybe get a group of people to join you. While that would be fun, we can’t always live in “challenge mode”.   Just like you can’t be doing a bootcamp forever, neither can you be doing a challenge forever. It would be unhealthy as it would lead to overtraining and stressing the body, which in turn could cause you to gain back the inches you’ve lost. Not what we want!

Not only that, but it’s unrealistic. Life has its ebb and flow– and it will not stand still for us to continually put the intense mental and physical focus on doing a challenge continuously. A challenge should be those bright spots here and there, not an ongoing place to live. Especially coming to the end of the school year, many of you have children with their end-of-year events, getting ready for summer activities, wrapping up the end of the school year or college. Graduations, birthdays, summer celebrations and holidays– all of those will sabotage our wonderful focus on a challenge!


I advise my clients to back off a bit after an intense effort to such as the 60 Day Challenge. Now before you start writing me and telling me how you can’t lose the momentum and you feel so good doing something every day, and you like the intense focus, let me remind you that intense mental focus can stress your body long-term! T-Tapp in itself is intense mental focus! 🙂

Taking a vacation can help recharge us and give us a break from the everyday routine.  We come back more refreshed and ready to tackle life once again.  In the same way, a break from the intense focus of a 60 Day Challenge can help us come back refreshed and ready to tackle form and routine once again!

Don’t worry! I’m not talking about taking a total break from T-Tapp! I’m saying let’s back off the intensity of it. I often encourage ladies to scale back to three short workouts per week for a few weeks.  You can still do a few moves on the off days.  In fact, I would encourage you to pick one or two of the T-Tapp Tuesday moves that Teresa’s been doing with WTSP Great Day Tampa Bay. Those are fun variations and sometimes totally new moves that can add a bit of fun to your workout routine! Still take one day completely off other than walking, and Primary Back Stretch would be okay on an off day. Doing this for 2 weeks can take your mind off of what to do and how to continue losing inches and “how will I keep my momentum going”. Just take a break from all that. Towards the end of your two weeks, you can start thinking about your next routine. But it’s still not time to ramp it up for another challenge!


I encourage you to keep it light. One routine that I did for awhile that was somewhat fun with lots of variety, was to do one full workout, one short workout, one stepping workout and one floor workout each week. Yes, there were three days off! I walked or did a few moves on those off days–again, this would be a great place to add those fun T-Tapp Tuesday moves. Just don’t do too many! If you have adrenal issues I would not advise doing a full workout. Swap out a short workout for that full workout. So you would be doing two short workouts, a short stepping workout and a floor workout. I’ll give some examples below:


Those with adrenal issues:

T- Light day–1-2 T-Tapp Tuesday moves
W- Broom 2
Th- Light day
F- Brain-Body Fitness Floor sequence 2
S- MORE or half of Healthy Hormones
Sun- Off (walking and Primary Back Stretch–PBS–okay)


For those with no adrenal or health issues:

M- Total Workout
T- Light day (1-3 T-Tapp Tuesday moves)
W- SATI (Step Away the Inches)
Th- Hit the Floor
F- Light day
S- BWO (Basic Workout)
Sun- Off


Another option:  Three full workouts with light days of 1-3 T-Tapp Tuesday moves in between.  Keep in mind sometimes a floor workout or stepping workout can be a full workout as well!

M- SITTM (Step It to the Max)
T- Light day
W-Total Workout
Th- Light Day
F- Brain-Body Core Floor
S-Light Day

If you want to try the 4 workouts per week routine, using one full workout, one short (or two short workouts swapping one for the full workout), one stepping and one floor make a list of your workouts that fall in each category.  Then you can either write out which workouts you will do on those days each week on your schedule, or you can write in just “Full”, “Short”, “Stepping” and “Floor” and pick from your list! That’s what I did and crossed them off my list as I chose them because I wanted to rotate through different workouts.  If you find you like doing the same workouts all the time, that is okay, too!  It’s whatever works for you!  You want to enjoy your routine, not hate it!

After a month of this routine, you could then revisit the Instructional of the workout of your choice.  Do 4-7 days, take 2 days off, then you can do one of two variations:


Short Workout Focus–one week do 6 short workouts, 1 day off. The next week do 5 short workouts, with 1 light day (no more than 3 moves) and 1 day off.


Full Workout Focus–3 full workouts one week, 4 full workouts the next. Or stick to 3 full workouts each week.  One day completely off (walking or PBS okay) and other days are light–no more than 3 moves.


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