This past week has been a painful one! :p   I have had an issue with my neck that I saw the chiropractor for, and it was better–until Tuesday morning. I awoke with horrible spasms if I turned my head the wrong way, sneezed, or even blew my nose! Yikes!

After another visit to the chiropractor last night, I am doing better, but still am very limited in how much I can tilt or turn my head.  Therefore–no T-Tapp! 🙁

So what do you do when you’re handicapped right out of the chute for the 60 Day Challenge? Should you just throw in the towel and drown your misery in some chocolate?!

Well, I’m all for eating chocolate! 😉  But never fear–you can still do something T-Tapp, even if you can’t do T-Tapp!  Confused?

I give my good friend Mary Ellen K. credit for this idea–I have done it but never really vocalized it this way. She put it into words and it is an excellent idea! Thank you, Mary Ellen!

Whether it’s struggling to take off days truly “off” or having to put aside your well-planned schedule due to circumstances beyond your control, you can still do something to help you feel like you are still progressing toward your goals.  Let’s say you set aside 15 minutes a day to “do T-Tapp”.  But due to schedule, stamina or interruptions, you can’t always don your workout gear and push play.  You can still “do” T-Tapp!

*Take Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes with you to appointments and read (reread) chapters 4 and 5, paying close attention to the form tips. There is a wealth of info there!  Also reread the testimonials–they will inspire and encourage you!

*If you have a laptop/smartphone/ipad/computer handy, go to the T-Tapp forums and read there.  Again, there is a wealth of info!  If it is overwhelming, start with the Must Read Threads or the New to T-Tapp forum.

*If you have time to watch a dvd but not the stamina to do it, or if it’s a day “off” and you feel like you are “cheating”, then “read” a dvd!   Watch it, pause it, take notes–you will be able to assimilate things you can’t focus on while doing the dvd.  Here is a great post by trainer Dan Wiley on how to “read” a dvd: T-Tapp Learning Tools

and another:  Still Doing Instructionals

and yet another! Still Doing Instructionals-2

These are just a few ideas of how you can be “doing” T-Tapp without overtraining, or when life happens and you can’t do your planned workouts.  No time wasted or lost!

For me, this neck issue has been a lesson in taking more breaks and doing a few more mindful moves during those breaks, as well as getting my computer screen up a few inches to help my neck!  Hard way to learn a lesson–but at least it was learned! 🙂

One more idea: you can go through the moves in your mind.  When I was mentoring for Total Workout, I hit an adrenal snag and couldn’t do more than my 2 classes per week.  I was a bit stressed, worrying how I could practice part of TWO without overtraining.  My mentor, trainer Michelle Barbuto, told me to visualize myself doing and teaching the moves.  I did that–and passed my TWO certification with flying colors!  Don’t underestimate the power of just thinking through the moves and seeing yourself doing them!

There!  Now we have NO excuses to not keep on, even if the path takes an unplanned detour!

Have you found ways to stay motivated and not lose momentum when life happens? Please share!


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