If you’re wondering where to start or what to buy next, here are a few ideas to help you decide:


Are you just getting started in T-Tapp?

MORE is my favorite hands down!  Healthy Hormones Menopause Management (for all ages and anyone with hormones–male and female!) is another great starter.  Of course the original Basic Workout and Total are great, too, but I personally like the slower pace of MORE and the newer tweaks in Healthy Hormones.  That said, you will still get great benefits from Total or Basic Plus!


Got started with Basic Workout but want some variety?


We’ll narrow that down further:

Walking workouts: Step Away the Inches, Broom 2, Broom or, if you’re brave, Step it to the Max! (Or get the Super Set with both Step Away the Inches and Step It to the Death–er–Max!)

Floor workouts:  If you’re totally new to floorwork, I really like Critter Crunch Floor. It is long (filmed at a Retreat) but very thorough and slow enough to get the muscle activation. I split it up when I first tackled it!  There is also Critter Crunch 2, which is more straight through but still with instruction.  My new love is Brain Body Fitness Floor with 3 sequences of 20-30 minutes. No instructional, but if you will take the time to watch it first then do it, you can learn it and have the newest tweaks!  Also Hit the Floor Tempo–no instruction but newer tweaks added to the “old favorite” Hit the Floor.

Taking my form and muscle activation to the max:  Senior Fit!

Do you have anything like Senior Fit to tempo?  Turn Back Time is the closest thing right now! 🙂  And it has a floor workout which is similar to Brain Body Fitness Floor but without LadyBugs or Crab Claws (still a good floor workout, though!)

Something to help me “get” Brain-Body Fitness Floor better?  Warm-Up Workouts!  Any or all!  These are the hidden gems of T-Tapp and after you do them and then go to Brain-Body Fitness Floor or Core Floor, you will “get” what’s happening better!

How about taking Total up a notch?  Total Workout Super Slow!

I’m so hormonal!  Healthy Hormones Menopause Management or LadyBug  🙂

I’m adrenal challenged/hormones are out of whack/have thyroid issues.  Healthy Hormones Menopause Management.  And Broom 2!

Something different?   TappCore 2 (12 minutes seated) or DeBulk Sequences (great workout at a barre–be sure it can hold your weight or use your kitchen sink!)

What would you get if you were just starting again?  Oooh! I’m so glad you asked! 🙂  I’d definitely start with MORE because its pace lays a great foundation.  And if I happen to hit a great Deep Discount Tuesday sale, I’d spring for Healthy Hormones, too, since the newer tweaks would greatly benefit my hypothyroid/adrenal challenged body.  Then I would stick in Broom 2 since its shorter duration would be just enough cardio without crashing me. Finally, I’d get Brain Body Fitness Floor because sequences 2 and 3 would be good for me and not crash my adrenals, while sequence 1 would bump things up just enough for me but again–not crash me.

There are a few ideas to help you decide what you’d like to tackle next!

Click HERE to see the Starter Systems, and HERE for the Variety Workouts.  If you have more questions about which workout to buy, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll help you narrow down to the best choices for you!

Happy shopping!



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