Recently I had read a quote on Facebook about not being a copy, to be an original.

That really struck a chord in me!

I have always struggled with “fitting in”.  I had my bouts with peer pressure like anyone else, but down deep there was a part of me that didn’t want to just do the “status quo”.

Which is probably why, like Anne Shirley, I had to be “Trisch” with a “c”! 🙂

My journey with T-Tapp has become more than just losing inches and sizes and getting healthier (all good things!).  It has also helped me to become more free.  Coupled with my faith, I’ve realized that for me to worry about trying to fit into someone else’s “mold” is not what God created me to do.

He had a special purpose in mind for me.  When I embrace that and all that makes me “me” (including the not-quite-as-fun-times), a whole new avenue of life opens up before me. It was actually there all the time, but I was so blinded by trying to see what others were doing or expecting me to do, that I lost sight of what He created me to do.

Last week was our 4-H fair.  Seeing so many people brought a realization, which led to the quote above:

Everyone is trying to find their affirmation by looking/acting/being like someone else.

Not who they are, but who someone else is. They become an imitation of someone –usually because they admire them and/or want what they have, instead of the original they were created to be.  Each of us has our strengths, weaknesses, talents, contributions….but if we are too busy trying to copy someone else’s look/work/talent/ministry, the world will be poorer because we are not doing what we were created to do.

Isn’t that poster at the top of this post beautiful?!  A fellow T-Tapper on the forums, Karen, created that!   I just love it because it beautifully captures the essence of what I said.  Now imagine what it would look like if 2 of the ladybugs decided to be the exact same color and shape and design as another one.   There are some of the same colors…but their design is different.  If there were three yellow ones, all with the same design, it would look out of place.

And if those ladybugs all had a job to do, and three of them decided to all be the same….there would be a huge gap left because they didn’t fulfill their purpose.

I believe it’s the same for us–we each have a beautiful place on this earth, a place to bring our smile, our laughter, our joy, our talents.   And to leave it a better place.

Let’s stop bemoaning that we are not as organized/creative/quiet/vivacious as someone else.  Let’s look at what we do have–who we are–that can contribute beauty and blessing to the world!

Some people create with yarn.  Some with metal.  Others with fabric.  Still others with music. And then some with words.  Just because a fish can’t fly doesn’t make it a failure!  (Ever read The Animal School?!)  If you’re a squirrel, it’s okay that you can’t swim!

The world is poorer because we’re too busy imitating instead of being who we were created to be.

Enrich the world today with the fullness and beauty of YOU!

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