Deep Discount Tuesday today is an AMAZING deal on Total Workout–$40 plus FREE shipping!  That’s HALF off!  (Free shipping applies to Total only)  In 8 years of T-Tapp I’ve never seen it offered at half price!

Total is the “meat and potatoes” of T-Tapp–the original workout! We are doing Total this month in my Beautiful YOU online class and it’s amazing to go back to it! Total is what I started with 8 years ago–although I did mainly the Basic Workout portion! 🙂 Check out the DDT deal HERE!

Also check out my Training with Trisch page–two Be Beautiful retreats are planned with two more in the works; March’s Beautiful YOU online class is up as are TWO clinics in Missouri next month!

Hope to get to meet you at one of the retreats/clinics!

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