DDT Logo 1-21-14


Don’t you just LOVE “Buy One Get One FREE” deals?!

Know what’s even better?!

A 50% coupon off any single T-Tapp workout along with your BOGO deal!!! That’s what you get with this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday deal!

Click HERE to start shopping!

(NOTE:  The second bottle will not show on your invoice, but you will receive 2 bottles in your shipment.)

And–are you ready for the 60 Day Challenge?! It starts Saturday, January 25.  Details in the link!


Head over to my Training with Trisch page and find several options to help support you in your fitness goals!  Whether you’re officially entering the Challenge or not, you can take advantage of online classes, a Skype sale, a teleconference summit (along with 5 other trainers and Teresa Tapp herself!), ready-made schedules for purchase and coaching programs!


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