What is Consistency

(This is part 2 on consistency.  Part 1 is here.)

So, just how would YOU describe consistency, Trisch?

I’m SO glad you asked! 😉

Let’s start with what consistency is NOT:

  • It is NOT full workouts every day
  • It is NOT doing a lot of cardio every day
  • It is NOT even doing a workout every day!
  • It is NOT doing workouts every day for 2 weeks, then hit and miss for the next 2 months

You get the idea, right?!   You don’t need to kill yourself with workouts but you DO need to show up–make an appointment with yourself and KEEP it!  If you have a hard time putting yourself on your calendar, put Teresa’s name there and when someone “needs” you for that time slot (moms with young children hang in there–I’ve got a few tips for you, too!), you say, “I’m sorry, but I have an appointment right then, could we try for a later time or another day?”   Of course there are exceptions, but when you are always putting YOU on the back burner, it’s time to get tough with your calendar!

Okay, so we said what it’s not, so what is it?  And when I have 4 children 6 and under, how in the world can I be consistent?  (Or substitute your particular hard situation!)

First focus on just a move or two.  I have been known to put the baby in the high chair with some wooden spoons and plastic containers to amuse himself so I could do standing moves without fear of kicking him. 🙂  Of course, that was when there were no older girls available and yes, there were times, even in this household with lots of willing hands, that there was no one available to keep him out of harm’s way while I worked out.  If you are a caretaker of small children or elderly parents, sneaky fit is going to be your best friend–but do something! Don’t let the fact that you can’t do it “perfectly” or “all of it” (whether “it” is a move or a workout) keep you from doing anything.  One set of Hoedowns is better than none.

And sneaky fit is easy to do anytime, anywhere–even while shopping for groceries!  Teresa just wrote a great article that has a short video clip from a seminar with several ideas for “sneaking in” The Power of Push, Press and Pull!

Doing 3 moves daily should keep the aches and pains at bay and should help you feel more refreshed and clear the brain.  After a short period of time–I would say even 2 weeks–you should start noticing that you are sitting and standing with better posture almost without thinking about it.  Or at least you’re catching yourself when you aren’t!

Three moves can take as little as 5 minutes, and yes, if necessary you can cut the reps.

Ten to twelve minutes daily is enough to banish the aches, stand taller, clear the brain AND start seeing some outward results, although those may take longer to “show up”.  I’ve had some fluff creep on due to hormonal fluctuations– and eating too many treats over the holidays. I’m not focusing on my eating other than backing off on the sugar (treats are gone–whew!) and not eating as many grains (but not grain free).  Ten minutes of consistency, 4- 5 times per week (with a few moves on the off days) is starting to show results in just three weeks! Yes, I’m a trainer so I’m going to activate a bit more, perhaps, but you CAN do it, too!  What if it takes 6 weeks for it to show on the outside for you?  That’s more than you’ll see than if you do 2 weeks of consistency, then go on that sporadic “work out once in awhile” kick!

If you’ve been discouraged by lack of results, whether in inch loss or pain relief, and you know you haven’t been consistent, could I gently challenge you to “get back to consistency”?  Start with just a few moves a day from the workout that clicks with you for right now.  Get solid on that, then you can try getting 10 minutes daily in (one day can be off, although 10 minutes or less on an off day is okay).  After you are consistently getting 10 minutes daily in you can start doing short workouts every other day or whatever is “doable” for you.  Do you see how consistency breeds consistency?

And the more successful you feel, the more determined you will be to continue doing what makes you FEEL good and LOOK great!


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