As fall quickly approaches, school starts, canning peaks and winds down, summer vacations and barbecues fade into memory, it’s natural for us to think of getting back into a routine.   If you’re like me, summer workout consistency just doesn’t happen as easily.  Often we have a more active lifestyle and life beckons to break out of the rut and enjoy the long, summer days!

This past month I’ve been really focusing on my core with my new online program, Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration program.  After a plateau of 4+ months, I’ve lost almost 5 inches this month!  And I’ve noticed reshaping in the mid-section where I needed it most!  The ladies who joined with me are noticing more mind-to-body connections at the core and find this focus is taking their workouts up a notch!  Many are feeling those core muscles in a whole new way!

We will be doing Healthy Hormones Menopause Management as our workout focus for September, and I’m really excited to see what new a-ha’s we find!

I will also be offering my other online program that has been going for a year now, Foundations for Fitness.   Foundations is a 6 week program and you can use whatever workouts you’d like.  There is a support only level plus two other levels where you get a personalized workout schedule.

I share tips in both programs, but the core focus will be more detailed in Beautiful YOU.  I share form tips in Foundations for Fall Fitness as well.

Here is a page that tells a bit about both with links to registration, if you are interested.

Foundations or Core?

If you have any questions, or need help deciding which program better suits your needs, feel free to contact me!

And if you are in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area, on September 7 there is going to be a Fitness Fusion!   Lots of good tips on the core and how to take that into your workouts, everything from floor to sneaking it in!  Registration is HERE!


Photo credit:  Ross Berteig and Roger Karlsson

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