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Deep Discount Tuesday–and 60 Day Challenge Support!

The 60 Day Challenge has started! 

If you have been wanting a new workout to help keep you motivated during the Challenge, this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday is for YOU! 25% off ALL T-Tapp dvds PLUS you get a free copy of the Healthy Hormones Documentary, too! The Documentary dvd also has a 15 or so minute workout that is the forerunner of Healthy Hormones.

Great time to get that workout on your wishlist! And while you’re at it–get a new body brush–I try to have an extra at all times so I don’t have to order “just” a body brush! 😉 You should replace your brush every 6 months if you use it regularly!


Need a recommendation? Here are a few of my favorite workouts!

Starter Workout: Healthy Hormones

MORE Series: MORE 3

Stepping Workout: Posture Power Walk or Broom 2

Seated Workout (everyone needs a seated workout in their stash!): TappCore 2

Floor Workout: Brain-Body Fitness Floor

Advanced Workout: Fascia Fitness


Want help with form and activation?

I am offering my Amazing Activation Tips for the Challenge–with THREE months access instead of two!

I’ll also have my Beautiful Basics recorded video class packages and Fabulous Form Tips written tips packages in the store later this week!

We had a great clinic last Saturday in Tempe! If you missed the Tempe clinic you have another chance–I’ll be doing another one this Saturday (April 21) in Tucson! You can check out the details here–> T-Tapp in Tucson

Are you joining the Challenge officially or unofficially? I’d love to hear from  you!



Ready for the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge?

Are you ready for the 60 Day Challenge?

The annual T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge starts April 15 and will go through June 15.  An official T-Tapp newsletter will go out next week with more details about how to register and take your measurements, pictures, etc.

What is the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge?  For 60 days you will do only T-Tapp (walking, treadmill and elliptical is permitted as well as any physical therapy you may be currently doing) to see what T-Tapp can do for you!  There are different categories, under 50 and over 50, and sub categories within those 2 groupings as well as the option to add health improvements.

It’s NOT about “the biggest loser”!  It is about how T-Tapp reshapes your body and improves your life!


People approach the Challenge in a variety of ways.  

Some use it as a big push to lose a size or two for an event or season.  Others use it to jumpstart consistency.  Still others approach it with the mindset of improving their health in some way.

Your goal for the Challenge will determine your plan.  But I want to offer a few tidbits of advice for everyone, regardless of your goals for the Challenge.


Make it doable

It does no good to start out the chute with a rigorous workout schedule that you can’t maintain with normal life happenings.  It’s fine to bump things up a notch, but don’t sabotage yourself right at the start with a schedule that you will struggle to keep.

If you deal with adrenal or health issues, you will want to focus more on consistency and health improvements.  And yes you CAN lose inches and reshape your body doing seated workouts or “just” 3 moves per day!


Do the workout you LIKE!

Yes, I know floorwork seems the thing to do for your abs, but if you hate floorwork, guess what? You will hate doing it, you will find reasons to not do it, and you will fizzle out.

You can try a new workout but don’t try 5 new workouts!  You need some continuity to get that muscle activation and brain-body connection.  You can rotate through 3-4 workouts, but don’t do a different one every single day.   Pick 2-3 workouts you like to start, or 2 you like plus one new one to try. You can switch it up later, but always do what you love, not what you think you should do!


Keep a record

Measuring weekly (unless you are a less-to-lose) can be motivational and it can help you figure out a form issue if you aren’t losing in a particular area or gaining inches in spite of good efforts.  So can logging other improvements that you can’t just can’t measure, like better sleep, less pain, better mood, etc.  Some T-Tappers have reduced or totally gotten off of medications during the Challenge! THAT’S a result worth hundreds of inches!   You’ll also appreciate keeping a journal when it’s time to write your essay at the end of the Challenge!


Don’t give up!

It is tempting to just throw in the towel when we get derailed.  DON’T! Stick with it to the end and finish the course–no, you might not “win”, but you will have that sense of accomplishment that you DID it!


DON’T compare!

This is the hardest one!  People will be excited about inches they’re losing, results they’re seeing in pictures they take along the way, health improvements, etc.  But you might be plugging away and not really seeing much change.  Rejoice with them, then focus back on your plan.  Remind yourself that you are in it for the long haul. That you are creating a lifestyle change, not just doing a quick Challenge and then back to life as usual.  No, you won’t have the same intensity after the Challenge, but you will have the habit of consistency and logging progress–and that is a win!


Lay a Foundation NOW!

Yes, it starts in a week.  But you can focus on muscle activation NOW!  Why not dust off an Instructional or a slower workout, and rotate through it 2-4 moves at a time?  Alignment and activation are the keys to success–NOT how many long and grueling workouts you are doing!


One of the questions that are often asked is, “Can I work with a trainer or go to a clinic during the Challenge?”  YES!  Just make note of it in your final essay, whether you did webcam sessions, an online course or worked with a trainer in person or at a clinic.

Speaking of clinics 🙂 I will be in Tempe, Arizona on April 14 and Tuscon, Arizona  on April 21!  Three sessions for each clinic–with a great discount if you choose all 3!

T-Tapp in Tempe

T-Tapp in Tuscon

If you are planning to come, please register soon as I will have to make a decision by next Wednesday if there are enough coming for me to make the trip–and I REALLY want to meet Arizona T-Tappers! 🙂

I’d love to hear what YOUR goals and plans are for the Challenge!



Balance Your Hormones with This Deep Discount Tuesday Deal!

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash


If you have any kind of hormonal issue: thyroid, adrenal, female hormones, peri-menopause, menopause–Healthy Hormones (also called Mindful Movement) is your workout!  Even teenage and 20 somethings benefit from this workout. I have dealt with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, low ferritin, low progesterone and am in full blown menopause now. I can do half of this workout and feel amazing without setting myself back with my adrenals! I have daughters in their teens, 20s and my oldest is 31 and they ALL like this workout and feel it helps them.

Teresa created this workout for Mary Shomon’s book, The Menopause Thyroid Solution. The book itself has many of the moves well described along with pictures of the moves. Teresa then tweaked it and added to it to create the workout dvd.


So what’s the difference? What is this workout like?

It is a variation on the Basic Workout theme, with moves tweaked to help with better lat engagement. The latissimus dorsi muscle goes from your hips up your back to your ribs (you can feel them tighten in the area of your bra band). One segment attaches to the front of your ribs and another to your humerus or upper arm bone. This is why ribs UP helps tighten and tone the triceps! 🙂 Lat activation also helps burn more blood glucose as well as “take out the trash” more efficiently by draining the lymph through the thoracic ducts– which in turn helps your body balance hormones.

Let me give a brief description of each of the moves:

Spinal Curl (Spinal Stretch): Variation of Primary Back Stretch, no flat back portion, arching and scooping then you roll up from the arch vs going all the way to the calves and doing head rocks.

No second half where you have the hands behind, but after doing a Trap & Lat Warm-Up (shoulder rolls taken up several notches!), you can do tilts that are similar to the tilts in The Box but using a towel, holding it in front of your body for better lat activation.

Plie Sequence: With all the Plies in Healthy Hormones, you never cross your midline. It’s all about those LATS! Arms are outstretched as you bring them up, back to shoulders, then low and back up to shoulders

Plie Pulls: If you haven’t found your lats by this point, you will now! 🙂 Pulling into a wide “W” while doing different hand positions will help engage lats as well as those triceps. Bye-bye, jiggly batwings!

Oil Wells: Starting with standing upright, you’ll learn how to engage lats to make this more effective when you reach through like traditional Oil Wells

T-Tapp Twist: Great variation! You won’t go down on the side as in Basic Workout, but you will get the twist along with a tall torso for slimming that rib to hip area! And the “jazz to a mitten” release after each side really helps release trap tension–feels good!

T-Tapp Twist with a Towel: Just like it sounds! You are using a towel, held in front, to help maximize lat activation as you twist.

Oil Wells with a Towel: Again just like it sounds! Holding the towel in front will help you keep those lats activated as you reach through.

Hoedowns: Main difference is hand positions–more lat activation tips to maximize the effectiveness of this powerhouse move!

You’ll notice there are no Reach Scoops, no Jazz Twist and no Box move. But Teresa has you doing a “Mitten Chop Organs in Place” several times. This is THE move for tightening and toning the tummy, helping to establish and strengthen those mind-to-muscle connections!

There are similarities to Basic, but the changes and additions make it a workout in its own right! There is fantastic instructional, the workout and a Form Tips section. AND it’s chaptered! That’s great for splitting up the workout!

In addition to 25% off the regular price of the Mindful Movement workout, you also get The Hormone Reset Diet book by Dr. Sara Gottfried! I don’t have this book to review it, but I heard Dr. Sara share at the 2012 T-Tapp Retreat and her session was full of information. I know I took pages of notes! I’ll be interested to check her book out!

{Please note that the following paragraph has an affiliate link. I do receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through that link. This helps me keep my website running and it also helps when I need a chocolate fix–that helps keep me sane! 🙂 }

You can check it out, read more and purchase HERE! If you have adrenal, thyroid or blood sugar issues, I would consider this workout. You may need to split it up, but it will be worth it!

Not only is Healthy Hormones a great workout for hormonal balance, it’s also great for slimming the torso, helping reduce the cortisol belly look and eliminating back fat, too!

Trimmer torso, toned arms, core activation and hormonal balance?! YES you CAN!

Tummy Troubles? Close the Gap and Strengthen the Core!

Without a doubt the #1 area that most women want to see changes in is—the tummy. And that’s understandable! Usually it is the belly area that keeps us out of that next size on our journey to smaller sizes and better health.

But the body is not an inanimate object or piece of marble we can just carve off the parts we don’t want and it stays off. Just a little skill, patience and pressure and voila! The masterpiece is revealed!

Losing inches anywhere is not a simple formula, but especially not here. There are many variables, such as:

  • Food sensitivities—that can cause bloat and obviously sabotage the best efforts to lose off the abs
  • Weak core—if your core muscles are weak, you won’t be able to activate optimally and will lack stamina to be able to hold position while doing moves
  • Muscle imbalances—years of standing a certain way, surgery, not developing muscle groups together so one is more dominant—all affect your ability to lose inches from the tummy
  • Emotional issues—yes, that can affect your body’s ability to lose inches
  • Diastasis Recti –the “Mommy Tummy Gap” (although not limited to “mommies” or even women!)

Can T-Tapp address all of those? Well, most of them! You will need qualified help to nail down food sensitivities, but the lymphatic and fascia activation in T-Tapp can help facilitate the body’s amazing ability to heal and get equilibrium. Emotional issues aren’t necessarily solved by T-Tapp, but it can help you feel better about yourself and more ready to deal with them with the help of a friend or professional you trust. The other three mentioned—weak core, muscle imbalances and diastasis recti– all can improve with T-Tapp!

T-Tapp’s left/right brain movements and focus on activation at the insertions of the muscles help balance imbalances. And T-Tapp is ALL about the core! You are activating the core in each and every move in T-Tapp. But it’s not just tucking hard—you initiate with the abs, belly button UP and back to spine. Then tighten buns. Not only does that improve core strength, it helps balance the imbalances often seen with stronger gluteal muscles (the buns) than ab muscles (tummy).

Diastasis recti can affect the core strength tremendously. You can imagine how much harder it would be to activate the core when the muscles are separated. This can contribute to a weak pelvic floor as well.

While I did develop Defeating Diastasis, a program using T-Tapp moves and techniques to help “close the gap”, I am going to share a few helpful tips that if you apply them consistently, you WILL see the gap close and the core strengthen (these are good for better core strength even if you don’t have “the gap”!):

  • Minimal floor work. I won’t say you can’t do any, but if your core is weak, you need to limit floor moves
  • Organs in Place. The exception to the previous statement! Organs in Place on the floor is key for helping strengthen the core and help the muscles close and stay closed. Do this twice daily.
  • Do twisting moves in a chair. This will help you focus on core activation vs how far you can twist and it’s easy to lose focus on the lower half of the body. The chair makes it easier!
  • Mitten Chop Box. THE move for Mommy Tummy Gap! It is on Senior Fit and First Step, and the Organs in Place portion is incorporated into Healthy Hormones Menopause Management. Do this 4 times per day when you visit the bathroom—it is seriously THE most important thing you can do with a weak core or diastasis recti gap. (Also available for free on YouTube on a My Fox Atlanta video clip!)

You can do this on your own—create a checklist, set a timer on your phone, whatever it takes to consistently get these few moves in. But if you like the idea of having something laid out step by step, Defeating Diastasis is a comprehensive course spanning 13 weeks (plus another 6 weeks of video access). It is a mixture of written lessons and video demonstrations of moves and techniques such as the Floor Core Focus, Organs in Place, Half Frogs with a little help, The Zip, Standing Core Focus and more. Plus you get encouragement videos from time to time to help you stay on track and share inspiration!

Even if you don’t have the “tummy gap” of diastasis recti, Defeating Diastasis will improve your ab awareness, strengthen your core and improve pelvic floor function.  I’ve had some take the course just for the core focus alone!

Here are a few testimonials from past classes:

Loved this! As a 50 something mom of 8, I took the course to strengthen my weaker core and close my 2 finger gap near the belly button. The gap closed in just 2 weeks and I lost 3 inches from my abs after completing the course. Trisch is an awesome teacher, too! I love that the moves are simple, but very powerful. And Trisch gives you everything you need to close your gap and keep it closed. You won’t regret taking this course.  ~Shannon W.

I had amazing results with this class! My gap at my belly button went from 4 fingers wide to 1 finger turned side-ways. But more importantly, I no longer have lower back pain from standing all day. Just this past week I worked in the kitchen 5 days straight. Not a single muscle twinge. Before this class, 1 day of standing and my back would be hurting. I had incontinence that was getting pretty bad, that is now gone, GONE! I had never heard of pelvic floor dysfunction but apparently I had that and this class fixed it. My quality of life SO much better!  I HIGHLY recommend this class!  ~Emiko H.

I love that it’s not just about a smaller tummy (although that IS nice!) but about improving quality of life!  To be able to do the things you love to do without getting a backache or “leaking” is the BEST benefit!

The first week I measured my gap: Above navel 3 finger widths, at navel 5, and below 7.

I really concentrated on the basic floor movements throughout. I was right about life getting in the way, but as Trisch constantly told us, the basics are basic. I did get to some of the standing work, and did those at work during bathroom breaks and at home as well. I’m afraid I did not finish the course, but my numbers kept dropping with the work I was doing, and at the end my measurements were:

Above navel 1 finger width, at navel 3, and below 3.  ~Donna R.

Meeting Trisch was a turning point in my journey back to health after a long illness during which I gained over 30 pounds and many inches. I am now down 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes! I have more energy, increased my core strength AND after 25 years closed my tummy surgery gap using the exercises in her “Defeating Diastasis Online Course”.

Trisch is a blessing! Don’t miss the chance to work with her!   ~Kathleen G.

If you’d like to join me on this journey to Defeat Diastasis, you can check out a freebie taste of the first 3 lessons by going to the Defeating Diastasis Sneak Peek. You can also read more about it at Defeating Diastasis. (Registration is open through March 22–I’m extending a few days!)

These tips have been proven to WORK! Try the free sneak peek and the moves I highlighted above and see if you can feel the difference. Yes you CAN close the gap—with T-Tapp!

Say “I Love You” to Your Skin with Dry Skin Brushing

We just finished February, which is known as the “love” month with Valentine’s Day right in the middle.  In the midst of flowers, cards, candy and red plush hearts and stuffed animals, there’s one item you might not have thought about as a “love” gift….


A skin brush?


YES!  Dry skin brushing is not only great for exfoliating and making your skin softer, but it helps improve circulation and moves the lymph as well!

Your skin is your largest “organ”, eliminating wastes through your sweat glands.  Keeping your skin healthy is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and say “I love you” to the skin!


Dry brushing has many benefits:


  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Stimulates and helps move lymph
  • Stimulates circulation, increasing blood flow
  • Brings blood to the skin surface which in turn nourishes the skin
  • Helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks
  • Tightens the skin
  • Helps with detoxification
  • Improves proprioception (awareness of your body in space)
  • Stimulates fascia
  • Helps increase endurance if done before a workout
  • Creates smooth, SOFT skin!


And that’s just a few of the MANY benefits!



{Please note that the following paragraphs contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through these links I do receive a small commission which helps offset my website expenses. And occasionally buys chocolate to help keep me going.  It’s a necessary food group, right?!}


Sounds great! How do I start?!



There are many dry brushing videos on YouTube and you can find directions in various places.  I started dry brushing 11 years ago after reading about the benefits on the T-Tapp forums.  Believe it or not I started with a fingernail brush–because it was the only natural bristle brush I had in the house! 😀 And considering I was a size 22W when I started, there was a lot of me to brush with that little brush!   I bought the T-Tapp dry brush when I placed my first order and was so happy to have a larger brush to get the job done in less time! 😉

You can use any natural bristle brush–the one T-Tapp has is made by Yerba Prima.  Teresa has created a very thorough dry brushing sequence that is available digitally, Body Brushing Supreme, as a rental at $4.99 for 5 days or $19.95 for 9 months, and it will be renewed if you don’t cancel. It’s also available as the CRT Supreme Body Brushing dvd for $29.95.  If you just want to view it a few times and that’s all you need, you have that option with the 5 day rental. If you want it for a bit longer or you need a digital version, the longer rental will be your best bet.  And of course, if you want to keep the instructions on hand to revisit periodically and indefinitely the dvd will be best for you.  The dvd also includes the Moisturizing Skin Tips, which are available digitally but it is a separate purchase than the Body Brushing Supreme in the digital strore.

Another perk to owning the dvd is it contains three floor moves from Teresa’s Core Floor workout.  It includes Floor Hoedowns, Pretzel Twist and Diva Derriere (plus stretches at the end).  These moves have the newer fascia fitness tweaks–combined with body brushing, you’ll benefit your fascia inside and out!

I credit skin brushing for having NO droopy hanging loose skin even after losing 8 sizes.  I don’t have a “bikini” body, but my tummy as been stretched out 10 times with pregnancies and with being overweight as well! I was actually very happy to not have a droopy apron down to deal with!

I’ve been consistent with body brushing more than anything in my life!  I do take Sundays off–it gives my body a break from the mild detoxing and it gives me a break and keeps me out of that I-don’t-wanna-brush funk.


A few of the detox benefits I noticed that actually surprised me!



A year or so into body brushing I was fighting off a cold and felt it going down into my chest. I made myself do a little movement–I believe it was MORE Chair (it’s been a few years!).  I then dry brushed like I always did–almost didn’t just because, well, you just don’t feel like doing much when you’re fighting off illness. :p  Within 20 minutes I could feel the congestion move out of my chest!  Within a day it seemed more like a light head cold–no coughing or congestion in my chest! I was amazed!

When I attended my first T-Tapp Retreat, I was up late, up early, go go all day because I didn’t want to miss ANYTHING! After all, it was probably the only time I would ever get to go to the Retreat! (THAT is funny now! 🙂 )  Do you know how you get that “yuck” feeling in your stomach from too little sleep?  One morning before going down to the Baranoff room for the workouts, I decided to body brush before I got my workout clothes on, because I knew it would be awhile before I took my shower to get ready for dinner that night.  Again, within 20 minutes, my tummy no longer felt queasy!  AMAZING!  That sure made a believer out of me in the internal benefits of skin brushing!


I have sensitive skin–is wet or dry better?



Dry is better, as brushing wet skin can leave microscopic tears.  BUT–if it’s between wet brushing and not brushing at all, brush in the shower!  I actually did that to start with and was able to transition to dry brushing over a few months’ time.  Sometimes the water softens the bristles enough to make them more tolerable on sensitive skin.


When is the best time to brush?



When you will DO it!  Right before a shower/bath is optimal, but if that holds you back, it’s better to do it when it’s best for you.  If that is before your workout, or before you get ready for work, or even before bed–THAT is the best time for you.  If you have a hard time remembering, a sticky note on your mirror is a great way to remind yourself as you build the habit.  Or you could put the brush on your counter, or on the threshold of your bathroom door, your pillow…if you have kids or pets, those last few ideas might not work!


Do I need to do my whole body?



You should aim for a whole body brushing at least once daily.  I have done a “spot brushing” of target areas when I visit my bathroom.  A quick brushing of the tummy or arms is a great way to help tighten and tone those challenging areas!


Ready to get started loving your skin?!   



A few more ideas for taking care of yourself:

March 1 I start the next Beautiful YOU online program and we’re focusing on Basic Super Set! If you want to work your fascia, this is the workout for you! Teresa has redone Basic Workout to include the newer fascia fitness techniques.  I’ll be digging into this workout to bring you more tips to activate and get the most out of it!  Two levels available–Ultimate level includes video classes and recordings.

Registration is now open for Defeating Diastasis!  We’ll start March 26 on this 13 week course to help close the tummy gap, strengthen the core as well as the pelvic floor.  I’ve been getting amazing testimonials and responses to my survey–one participant had her 8 finger gap close to 3 fingers during the fall course, even just getting a third of the way through the course! Yes you CAN get a stronger core, pelvic floor and MORE with T-Tapp moves and techniques!

Boost Your Immune System with Deep Discount Tuesday!


Deep Discount Tuesday this month is 30% off Immune Boost-PLUS FREE shipping!

Immune Boost is one of the top 3 T-Tapp supplements I don’t want to be without! (Digest Plus and Alfalfa are the other two!) On my recent trip to California, I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to keep my immune system strong, especially while flying. I remember hearing Teresa say she would take a few droppers full before boarding the flight, a few during the flight if it were a longer one, and another 2-3 after landing. I took 3 before boarding, 2-3 during layovers and then 3 when I landed. With so much sickness going around, I wanted do all I could!

My “maintenance dose” is 2 droppers full once a day. When I am exposed to sickness or feel like I’m coming down with something, I will take more Immune Boost. I can tell it helps, too! My kids know to take it when they are exposed (one works at a school, another is a mama’s helper in two different households, yet another works with the public in a delivery service–so they get exposed a lot!).


Vitamin C also helps with collagen production–for better skin!

What’s in it? Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, selenium, grapefruit extract, niacin–you can read more about it at the T-Tapp webstore. Lots of powerful immune-boosting supplements in one bottle! Immune Boost is sublingual, and I don’t think it tastes too bad, either! I have scaled back the dosage for my younger children when they were small because it was an easy way to get vitamin C into them vs sugary chewables–or nasty tasting ones!

Free shipping is on Immune Boost only. If you add other items to your cart, you will be charged shipping accordingly.


Another tip to help boost the immune system–dry body brushing. Dry brushing helps move the lymph, which in turn helps keep things moving and taking out the “trash” in your body. I have actually experienced congestion moving out of my chest and turning into a light head cold from dry brushing and adding about 10 minutes of T-Tapp movement!

Keep moving to keep the lymph pumping and dry brush to help–then add Immune Boost to really help keep your immune system strong!


Join Me for Defeating Diastasis!


The spring course of Defeating Diastasis starts March 26–and registration is up!


But Defeating Diastasis isn’t just for the “tummy gap”!


One of the most consistent benefits from the surveys I send out after each course is less or NO leakage when ladies cough or sneeze.  Now THAT is a GREAT benefit! 😉


But that’s not all!


Gaps of anywhere from 2 fingers to 8+ closed or got significantly smaller.  Ab awareness increased.  Many were excited to be able to activate their core while doing daily activities. I personally have slightly reversed my uterine prolapse and kept it from getting worse. Some lost inches and sizes, too!

Listen to these two ladies share their successes in spite of life getting in the way (i.e. you don’t have to do every lesson nor do it all perfectly to get results!):


Trisch’s Defeating Diastasis is one of the most professionally done programs I have tried. She gives very clear written instructions that are reinforced through videos of her performing the moves. Even though I wasn’t able to go past Lesson 14 because life seriously got in the way, I was able to feel muscles that I had not felt before. The exercises are quick and easy and give great results. Trisch is also very good about answering any questions that you have along the way. If you are wanting to close your gap, let Trisch help you. You won’t be disappointed.

~Jemi R.


At age 63, mother of 4 who have flown the coop, and wanting to get back into shape, I began the Defeating Diastasis program enthusiastically. I was a little concerned that, being such a long commitment, I might not be able to get all the way through it. But with encouragement from Trisch I decided to give it a try and do the best I could.


The first week I measured my gap: Above navel 3 finger widths, at navel 5, and below 7.


I really concentrated on the basic floor movements throughout. I was right about life getting in the way, but as Trisch constantly told us, the basics are basic. I did get to some of the standing work, and did those at work during bathroom breaks and at home as well. I’m afraid I did not finish the course, but my numbers kept dropping with the work I was doing, and at the end my measurements were:


Above navel 1 finger width, at navel 3, and below 3.


I feel good about my progress. I continue to work on it. The exercises have increased my awareness of my core and posture. I was a little disappointed that I had no inch loss, but I realize that inch loss was not the goal of this program, it was closing the gap.


Thank you Trisch!

~Donna R.


For this spring, all the videos and written materials for the course will be in ONE place, to make it even easier to find all your lessons!  Defeating Diastasis is a 13 week course, starting March 26, last lesson in late June and you will have video access through August 11.  There is also a 2- payment option for the course!   Please call the office to arrange this option: 1-800-342-0717

There is an Early Bird Special, too!  If you register by March 1, you will get immediate access to my Amazing Activation Tips!  You will keep the access through August 11 along with the course videos, too!

I hope you will join me this spring–for a stronger CORE and MORE!

Are You Your Own Best Friend?


What do you see when you look into a mirror?  Even more importantly, what are you thinking?


One of the gifts T-Tapp has given me is confidence in who I am. I have become at peace with who I am inside, and I have learned to appreciate my body and my strengths vs. continuing to focus on my weaknesses and seeming negatives. Often our biggest struggles happen between our ears!

As we stay focused on the negative, we will be more and more self-conscious and feel everyone is staring at or noticing them right away. Often that becomes a self-fulfilling fear as we either apologize for the supposed problem or inadvertently draw attention to it. The other problem is we’re so introspective worrying about what others are thinking that we can’t reach out to them to be a comfort or encouragement. We are literally bound by our fears!

I find it sad that many women, when prompted to share one good feature or even one good quality about themselves, can’t. They are either vague or just don’t want to go there. We often say things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to a good friend! Can you imagine, over a lunch date with your best friend, this conversation taking place?!


Sally: “I hate my tummy! I never lose there—it’s so huge I look pregnant!”

You: “You got that right! I think you’ve gotten much bigger than the last time I saw you! Kinda looking about 7 months pregnant, eh?!”


I would certainly hope you would never think such a thing—let alone say it!

And yet…

We will often look in the mirror (or just at the “challenging” area) and say those very words to ourselves!


You need to become your own good friend! If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend—then you don’t say it to yourself!


Your body sets up a defense against this negativity.


This excerpt from Your Relationship Matters is quite true:

Your adrenal glands ensure an immediate response to an ‘assault’ (in the widest sense) or indeed perceived attack on your well-being and sense of safety and security. You will have available all the resources needed to fight or flee (or ‘tend and befriend’ – more often women).


Ever fall into that “tend and befriend” category? Going to great lengths to keep people happy? Trying to anticipate their needs and feel “needed” to make you feel good inside? But that doesn’t last and often people are ungrateful—or don’t even notice. Or they suck you dry! And yes, even if you are the one making the comments to yourself—your adrenals will still set up that response to the “assault” you are giving yourself. While you can try to avoid a negative person in your job or community circles, you can’t get away from the one inside your own head!


We honestly can’t give out of an empty cup.


We tend to pull our affirmation from others, our jobs, our hobbies, our activities or charities, our busyness–but in the end we can feel just as insecure or even burned out.

What’s the answer?


Put yourself first! Take care of yourself!


Did that statement rankle you? Do you feel that is “selfish” and “prideful”?

Have you ever flown? I’m sure most of us have. As the flight attendants go through the safety procedures, one of the things they demonstrate and tell you is in case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first, then help a child or other passengers put theirs on.

Too often we as women are taking care of everyone and everything until we crash. When that happens, and you need 3 naps a day just to function (not work, not attend your meetings, not tend to your hobbies and charities, just barely functioning for yourself), who will take care of those things then?

By putting your physical and emotional health first, you will be a better person, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, co-worker–and you will be better able to help others, as well!


You might be surprised to see that confidence showing up on the outside in interesting ways!


My friend Jennifer started working on speaking kindly to herself, especially about her “challenging” area. She was dealing with inflammation in her body and hadn’t seen inch loss for awhile. Addressing food sensitivities and letting her body heal from the inside out, she realized she needed to be kind to herself and not berate herself for her lack of outward “progress”. Soon she was getting compliments for weight loss—only she hadn’t lost anything! She was more confident in who she was, more joyful and secure in who she was, and it showed on the outside in how she carried herself as well!

Beauty within starts with some “housecleaning”–getting rid of toxic thoughts and attitudes, and replacing them with fresh, positive attitudes and statements about yourself.  Becoming your own best friend!  For then you will be confident in who you are, you won’t need to feel insecure or jealous, and you will truly be able to help and encourage others on their journey to better health and true beauty—inside and out!


This post is an excerpt from my e-book, Fatigued to FABULOUS: One Woman’s Journey from Overwhelm to Overcoming.  I want to encourage you in this month of “love” to take time to love yourself, speak kindly to yourself–because you will then be better able to love others from that place of wholeness!

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Trisch’s Tappiversary Sale!



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