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Deep Discount Tuesday! (And a FREE 14 Day Challenge!)

Deep Discount Tuesday, a free Challenge and a clinic–LOTS of great things to choose from! 🙂

Deep Discount Tuesday today is a combination of TWO great deals!

First, a BOGO deal on Premium Blended Alfalfa and FiberTox!

I love Premium Blended Alfalfa and won’t be without it! It helps my gut, my skin, my nails, my hormones and is anti-inflammatory as well. It is rich in minerals and plant protein which is why it feeds and nourishes the skin, hair and nails.

I don’t personally use FiberTox, but one of my daughters does and finds it very helpful when she needs a little help getting regular again. It can help the body naturally and gently detox.

AND there is a 30% off sale on ALL Skin Saver Products! This includes:

  • Skin Saver Face
  • Skin Saver Body
  • Blow Your Buns Oil
  • Skin Saver Solution

Or you can get the Skin Saver Set (Skin Saver Face, Skin Saver Body, Skin Saver Solution and Dead Sea Mineral Salt) for $60–that’s $25 off regular price!

Even better? You get FREE shipping on ALL orders!

Now THAT’S a Deep Discount Tuesday deal you can’t refuse! 🙂

Starting April 18, I will be holding a FREE Defeating Diastasis 14 Day Challenge! Registration is already open for all 3 levels of Defeating Diastasis, but if you’re not sure or want to try a little before you jump in, this Challenge if for YOU!

You’ll need to be on my “interest list” to get the details and be able to sign up. You can get on that list by signing up for my free Sneak Peek of the first 3 lessons of Defeating Diastasis. I will be sending out more details over the next few days as we prepare to start. We’ll be focusing on one technique, and I have had ladies share that they noticed improvements with this one technique alone!

Are you in the Northwest US? I’ll be in Portland, Oregon on May 18–I’d LOVE to meet any Northwestern T-Tappers!

If you have any questions, please contact me and let me know!

Defeating Diastasis–Not Just for Tummy Gaps!

Strong core and pelvic floor muscles support each other for optimal function!

Do you struggle with diastasis recti, a weak core, pelvic floor issues–or all three?!

I created Defeating Diastasis to help women close the “tummy gap” of diastasis recti and improve core and pelvic floor strength and function.  Each time I run the course I get amazing testimonials of gaps closing, LARGE gaps starting to close, improved pelvic floor function and core strength and awareness.


Registration opens again on April 8, but with NEW options!


  • Level 1 is the foundational first part of the program
  • Level 2 is a quick review of key moves from Level 1 and then moves on through the rest of the program
  • Option 3 is the entire program as it is now


My goal is to help participants feel successful, but sometimes seeing we won’t get through the entire course is discouraging because we think we won’t get results. That’s a similar mindset to thinking if you don’t get an entire workout in, you can’t see results.  It also can be overwhelming if you find your core is really weak and you can’t progress through the lessons as quickly as you had planned.   After asking for feedback I decided to split the program into 2 levels to help you move through it feeling good about your progress!


  • Level 1 encompasses 14 lessons, scheduled to release over 6 weeks
  • Level 2 includes a quick review of some of Level 1, then continues lessons progressing to standing moves, then easing into floorwork. Total of 30 lessons
  • Option 3 is the entire program, first 14 lessons are scheduled, then the rest are unlocked at once so you can progress through the remaining 22 lessons at your pace, 13 weeks total

All three options include an additional 6 weeks video access at the end so you have plenty of time to go over the moves and techniques!


You can actually go through the first 3 lessons for FREE by signing up for Defeating Diastasis Sneak Peek!  These lessons are:


  1. How to tell if you have a diastasis recti
  2. What NOT to do (exercise moves and daily activities)
  3. Protect Progress (how to get up and down from the floor, a chair and a bed the right way)


Once you sign up for the Sneak Peek you’ll also be added to my “interest list” for the Defeating Diastasis program.  Even if you find you don’t have “the gap”, you’ll receive helpful information to strengthen the core and pelvic floor.  I’ll be sharing info with this list that I won’t share on the blog or on my regular newsletter list, including a FREE Challenge coming up April 16!

Defeating Diastasis is a streaming video course, and you can download the written lessons, schedules and checklists.  I’m excited to offer options to best suit everyone’s needs.  Together we can work towards a stronger core for better posture, better function and better results in our workouts!

Don’t forget–if you want to participate in the FREE challenge next month, you must be subscribed to the interest list either by going through the free Sneak Peek or signing up at my Defeating Diastasis website!  It will be EASY and FUN!  I hope you’ll join me!



The CORE of T-Tapp

Core is one of the popular buzzwords in fitness today.  T-Tapp has always been about the “core”.  In earlier videos Teresa cues to “tuck butt”, however it’s not about the gluteus maximus but about the synergistic activation of core and glutes together–along with a host of other muscles!

In more recent videos Teresa cues “tuck/curl” or “curl the core” to better describe the functional alignment of “tucking” or core activation. It seems like a simple nuance of terms, but why is it important? What makes the “core” the CORE of T-Tapp?


Spinal Alignment

Alignment is important for optimal flexibility and fluidity in movement–and in holding your body upright (i.e. “good posture”)!  Core muscles include muscles that run along your spine (and attach to it) that help you bend to one side or the other, twist your torso, even help you turn and tilt your head!  When these muscles are injured or weak, you’re going to have more pain and less flexibility and functionality.  A strong core distributes the “load” of standing or sitting upright as well as movement.  When you have weak core muscles–tummy or spine muscles or both–other muscles are overworked and don’t function as well.  Think of strong core muscles as everyone working together vs a few doing most of the work–and leading to “burn out”!  (Or, in this case, sore muscles, injury, pain, spasms…no fun, right?!)



As mentioned above, the core muscles help you twist and bend and turn.  Strong abdominal core muscles help you get up from the floor or a chair as well as prevent back strain and fatigue.  If the muscles are stiff or weak, you won’t be able to twist or bend as far or as well, and you will have more trouble getting up from the floor.  There are other issues that affect that as well, such as knee problems.  Believe it or not, a strong core can help prevent knee issues as well as help rehab some knee problems!



Your diaphragm is a part of the core as well!  If you’re seated right now, slouch and let your ribcage sink into your tummy area. Slump those shoulders forward.  (Oh, you were already sitting like that?!)  Take a deep breath without changing your posture.

Now sit more upright. Pull the tummy in a bit and get the head aligned with ears over shoulders (no jutting your chin forward).  Again, take a deep breath. AAAHHHH! Feel the difference?

No one can work well when squished! That includes your diaphragm! (And your stomach, intestines, etc, but we’ll talk about that another day!)  Strong core muscles will help your alignment which in turn helps your breathing.


Pelvic Floor

A strong core helps pelvic floor function, too! In fact, when ladies first start Defeating Diastasis, my course to help close the diastasis recti “tummy gap” or to help strengthen their core, the first improvement many notice is less leaking and a stronger pelvic floor!  This deserves a post of its own, so I will dig into this more in a future post.  You can do kegels all day but if you don’t also strengthen your core muscles, any results will be short-lived.

And if you’re still not convinced….get back to that slouchy, shoulders forward, ribcage in your tummy position.  Focus on your pelvic floor and cough.  Now sit upright, head in alignment, ribs up….cough.  Feel the difference?  Slouchy/weak core means more bearing down on the pelvic floor. NOT what we want!


So Why Is the Core the CORE of T-Tapp?!

Curling the core and then tightening the gluteal muscles to “tuck” helps stabilize the lower body as you then perform the various movements in T-Tapp. Standing or on the floor it helps protect the back from injury by balancing the stabilization of core and glutes.  While there are some moves that are more “neutral spine” in some workouts/moves, you are still focusing on core strength, even if you’re not fully “tucked”.  I teach a more detailed breakdown of curling the core in my classes and client sessions, as well as in the Defeating Diastasis course.   The bottom line is a strong core means better results from your workouts, less pain, less strain on joints, more flexibility and optimal functioning on many levels.


I’ll be digging into this more in the next few blog posts, but I will be sharing even more details with my Defeating Diastasis interest list.  If you are interested in the next course of Defeating Diastasis (registration opening April 1), or if you want to learn even more about the core, you can check out the website and sign up for the list here —>  Defeating Diastasis

If you have any questions, comment below or contact me!  I’ll be sharing more details about the course itself with the interest list, too!

And BRAVO on improving your posture! You got a few inches taller just by reading this, didn’t you?! 🙂


Freebies for Deep Discount Tuesday!



Today’s Deep Discount Tuesday is not one but TWO freebies!

For any size product order (events and digital not included) you will receive one bottle of Immune Boost and one bottle of Digest Plus!!! Woo-HOO!


Immune Boost lives up to its name! I’ve used it to bump up my immunity when sickness is going around, to help me when I feel like I’m coming down with something, help shorten the duration if I don’t get it at the beginning of getting sick, and I take 2 droppers full right before getting on an airplane to help boost my immunity against whatever might be floating around there!  AND it’s great for the skin, too!  Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen for smooth skin, and Immune Boost has a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals to help!




Digest Plus–I sing its praises all the time! I won’t be without this amazing duo of digestive and systemic enzymes, to help the body with digestion and to reduce inflammation.




Head on over to the T-Tapp Webstore! No need to use a special code–when you place your order today (before midnight PST),it won’t show up in your cart, but it will automatically be added to your shipment.

Happy shopping! 🙂

60 Day Challenge Starts TODAY!

Has January slipped by and you’re still having a hard time getting started on your 2019 health and fitness goals?


A bad cold and congestion really knocked me out the last few weeks.  Then T-Tapp announced that the 2019 60 Day Challenge starts TODAY! (They announced it a few days ago–I’m still getting my brain back!)   You can measure and take photos today AND tomorrow, so in spite of my last minute post here, you still have time!

You can find the official rules and instructions at the 60 Day Challenge Website

Like last year, there is a $10 registration fee but you will receive it back in store credit after you submit your final information at the end of the Challenge.  I am definitely ready for the camaraderie and accountability–how about you?!

I have several offerings in the T-Tapp store to help you out!  From webcam sessions to recorded classes–check out my Training with Trisch page!  January was my “Tappiversary” month–12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7 since I first certified to become a T-Tapp Trainer.  WOW! Time FLIES!  So I have some super sweet specials for you–head over Training with Trisch to check them out!

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I want to help YOU reach your 2019 goals!

Dashing into Holiday Fitness!


It’s that most wonderful time of the year–when preparations and celebrations wreak havoc on our well-ordered fitness routines!  If you’re having trouble fitting in fitness in the midst of a busy season, here are some ideas to help you ward off unwanted inches and pounds!


Sneaky Fit to the Rescue!

Sneaking in fitness where you can really does work!  Remember, alignment and muscle activation are the keys to success, so even if you can’t get a 15-20 minute workout in, you can still activate and maintain your size–and maybe even lose a few inches!


Sneaky Fit Ideas:


  • Dashing through a store?  Shift weight into heels and keep those ribs up for a little extra activation!
  • Grocery shopping for holiday feasts?  Either hang onto the cart with hands under the handle and thumbs away or make a loose fist, stretch those thumbs and press down on the cart handle for extra lat (and core) activation.   It takes the load off those tired feet, too!
  • Standing in line?  Softly bend your knees, pull belly button up and back (but not a full tuck–neutral spine) and think of a string pulling your head nice and tall to the ceiling. Now gently shift weight back a bit and think to turn out your whole leg from ankles to knees to hips.  HELLO muscle activation from head to toe!
  • Doing your shopping online?  Sit towards the edge of your chair, knees straight out from hips and ankles under knees with toes forward. Pull that belly button up and back to spine and lift ribs.  Press into the desk or your thigh with the non-mouse-clicking hand. Having your hand in mitten or bear claw position with a stretched thumb will use a bit more lats and balance the muscles in your back and shoulders.
  • Driving all over to find that perfect gift?  At stoplights, curl your core against the back of the seat, place hands on steering wheel at 8 and 4 o’clock positions, thumbs away and gently pull to help you get those ribs up using your lats–but don’t lose that core!  Inhale slowly for 4-5 counts and exhale bigger for 8-10!


Quick Fitness Breaks:


  • If you’ve been walking what seems like a marathon through stores (and between them in malls!), slip into a handicap stall of the restroom and do at least the arch and scoop portion of Primary Back Stretch or Scarecrow Ski
  • To relieve those tired feet, try these Foot Stretches!
  • Been sitting too long at the computer looking for that Star Wars Lego set? Try Seated Lawnmowers to stretch the back, relieve neck tension and trim the torso, too!
  • Fingers tired from typing or writing out Christmas cards? Finger Fitness to the rescue!
  • Tired back and neck from carrying all those packages? Butterflies are an easy move to memorize and effective for clearing the brain fog and relieving sore shoulder, arm, neck and upper back muscles!



Need a fun but easy “workout” idea to get a bit more cardio in through the holidays?  


Check Out Holiday Hoedowns!
There are 4 fun Holiday Hoedowns on YouTube–for FREE!   A variety of Hoedown styles and all are under 4 minutes!


These are a variety of regular and “tap-it” Hoedowns with different hand positions–if you’re not familiar with some of them, watch first, then do.  FUN way to fit in fitness, burn fat, calories, blood sugar– and ramp up the cardio, too!


Other Ways to Fit in Fitness

{Note:  The following paragraph contains affiliate links.  If you purchase through one of these links I will receive an affiliate commission, which helps me with business expenses and buying dark chocolate sea-salt caramels, both of which help keep this website running!}

  • Short workouts:  The MORE Workouts have 3 mini workouts that are under 10 minutes each–including a chair workout!
  • TappCore and TappCore 2:  TappCore has 8 moves on a menu you can choose from, plus a short 8 minute stepping workout.  TappCore 2 is 12 minutes of core cardio in a chair!
  • 3 Moves Per Day:  Primary Back Stretch plus 2 moves can keep that lymph pumping and muscles strong! Chaptered workouts such as Mindful Movement (Healthy Hormones) or Senior Fit can help you save time jumping through the workout!
  • Step Away the Stress and Inches!  Broom 2 is a short, 13 minute stepping workout.  As I mentioned, TappCore has a short 8 minute stepping workout on it, and all three MORE Workouts have short stepping workouts on them as well. (MORE 3 has TWO stepping workouts!)
  • T-Tapp Tuesday Videos:  Teresa shared a move nearly every week for 2 1/2 years on WTSP T-Tapp Tuesday!  Most are 3 1/2 to 4 minutes, even with the intro, and often Teresa is also explaining what the move targets or what health benefits you will get.  GREAT way to fit in fitness!  There is a list of all the moves by date and name in this post at the T-Tapp Forums.


Doesn’t it feel good to have options to keep moving and maintain your ground during this busy season?!

Would you like a calendar of moves to do through the first week of January?  Sign up for my e-mail list and receive my Dashing into Holiday Fitness calendar with a different move for each day PLUS a Holiday Hoedowns focus for each week! The calendar has links to take you directly to the FREE YouTube video of the move to make it SUPER easy for you to fit in fitness for the Holidays!

(I also share tips, sales and other helpful information in my e-mails as well as downloads from time to time that no one else gets on the blog or Facebook!)


GREAT T-Tapp Cyber Weekend Sales!

An insanely busy summer.  Dealing with grief with the loss of Teresa.  Extra traveling this fall.  All combined to shift me totally off any routine.  When I started writing this post I realized I hadn’t posted since June.

This past week I feel a switch flipped back and and I’m ready to move on and get back to consistency–not just workouts! But writing, too! 🙂

You may already have received T-Tapp’s e-mail about the Cyber Weekend specials, but in case you missed it, they’re good through midnight PST Monday night, November 26.


And there are LOTS of GREAT deals!



There are also TWO fantastic book deals!


Fit & Fabulous Set— Includes the Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes book, Basic Tempo workout dvd, More than a Workout seminar and Healthy Hormones Documentary!

Menopause Set— (Can I say it’s really a “healthy hormones at any age” set?!) Includes The Menopause Thyroid Solution book, Mindful Movement for Healthy Hormones dvd, More than a Workout seminar and Healthy Hormones Documentary!


And here are my training specials–including two brand NEW recorded class packages!


Amazing Activation Tips  3 short classes going over the new tips for the T-Tapp stance, including ankle activate and activate hips; standing fascia stretch and Jazz Arms/Amy’s Arms.

Beautiful Basics  9 classes focusing on better form for a specific workout. There are TEN workouts to choose from–and yes, each of them has 9 classes! (Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch/Broom Walking also includes 8 classes that are more “straight through”, splitting up the workout).

Chair Champions  BRAND NEW CLASS! This class has 5 short classes on alignment, stretches and kickouts, then 10 short (most are 4-6 minutes, a few are 10-11 minutes) of just THREE moves in a chair!!! Yes you CAN! (And there’s a BONUS class on JUST chair Hoedowns, TappCore 2 style!)

Sweet 16 Class Packages  There are two packages of 8 classes each. Package 1 focuses on Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch on the Floor and Broom Walking Workout. Package 2 focuses on MORE workout (also called MORE Rehab or MORE 1–this class will be available January 1, 2019). OR you can purchase both packages for a GREAT price! These classes are more “straight through” with a few tips, splitting up the workouts. If you have a hard time getting all the way through a workout or only want to do a few moves or a section without jumping through your dvd/digital workout, these classes are for you!

Super Session Sale  BOGO for both 1 hour and 20 minute “Mighty Mini” webcam sessions. I only offer the BOGO sale twice per year–and the other time is my birthday in June! 😉 If you would like to work with me 1 on 1, this is a great deal!

If you want to join the fall course of Defeating Diastasis Program, you still can! I extended registration through midnight Monday night, November 26. Once you register you automatically start, but please still forward me your confirmation e-mail so I can be sure to get you on the group list! There is a 2-payment option available. And yes, I will be offering it again in the spring! I am tentatively planning to open registration in February, 2019. You can read more about the program and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, sign up for the interest list here—> Defeating Diastasis 

AND my e-book Fatigued to FABULOUS is HALF OFF the original price through November 30!  Amazing price for an e-book packed FULL of encouragement, tips to get started and TEN schedules!

LOTS of great choices!  If you have any questions about workouts or which of my programs would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to hit reply and ask!  I’d also love to hear what you would like me to focus on in upcoming blog posts, too!

Happy Shopping!

Birthday Bash Sale!


It’s my birthday (tomorrow)–let’s CELEBRATE!

All of these specials are through June, but there are a few EXTRA special deals for this weekend only! (Through Monday, June 18) And they are a GREAT way to keep your 60 Day Challenge momentum going!  (Don’t forget to take your final pictures and measurements this weekend and submit with your essay by midnight Tuesday, June 19!)

Amazing Activation Tips— Since I was born on the 17th, just $17! 😉 This is for TWO months access! Learn how to set up the T-Tapp stance with the newer tips, including ankle activate and activate hips! If you purchase this weekend (June 15-18), you get a special unadvertised bonus! Be sure to forward your e-mail confirmation to me!

Beautiful Basics Video Class Packages– EIGHT workouts to choose from! You’ll get 9 recorded videos from classes I taught in my Beautiful YOU online program. Once you purchase, please forward me your confirmation e-mail and let me know what workout(s) you want for your classes! SPECIAL pricing this weekend, including an AMAZING price if you purchase TWO video class packages!

My e-book, Fatigued to FABULOUS is $15–$12 off regular price and $4 off the normal sale price!

Prefer one-on-one sessions? Check out my Birthday Bash Webcam Session Sale! For this weekend ONLY (June 15 through June 18) it’s a BOGO sale! Buy one session (1 hour or 20 minute Mighty Mini) and get one FREE! After June 18 you still get a deal–buy TWO and get one FREE!

And while this isn’t a “birthday sale”, the early bird pricing is through June for the Fully Fit & Free Retreat on Lake Michigan. There is a 2-payment option, and choice of room is first-come, first-served! I’m really looking forward to pampering and encouraging everyone who comes! I want you to leave refreshed, refocused, and renewed!

Whether you are keeping momentum going or need to get motivated–live sessions, recorded classes and e-book (with TEN schedules included)–there’s something for EVERYONE!

Ready to party?! 🙂


Deep Discount Tuesday–and 60 Day Challenge Support!

The 60 Day Challenge has started! 

If you have been wanting a new workout to help keep you motivated during the Challenge, this month’s Deep Discount Tuesday is for YOU! 25% off ALL T-Tapp dvds PLUS you get a free copy of the Healthy Hormones Documentary, too! The Documentary dvd also has a 15 or so minute workout that is the forerunner of Healthy Hormones.

Great time to get that workout on your wishlist! And while you’re at it–get a new body brush–I try to have an extra at all times so I don’t have to order “just” a body brush! 😉 You should replace your brush every 6 months if you use it regularly!


Need a recommendation? Here are a few of my favorite workouts!

Starter Workout: Healthy Hormones

MORE Series: MORE 3

Stepping Workout: Posture Power Walk or Broom 2

Seated Workout (everyone needs a seated workout in their stash!): TappCore 2

Floor Workout: Brain-Body Fitness Floor

Advanced Workout: Fascia Fitness


Want help with form and activation?

I am offering my Amazing Activation Tips for the Challenge–with THREE months access instead of two!

I’ll also have my Beautiful Basics recorded video class packages and Fabulous Form Tips written tips packages in the store later this week!

We had a great clinic last Saturday in Tempe! If you missed the Tempe clinic you have another chance–I’ll be doing another one this Saturday (April 21) in Tucson! You can check out the details here–> T-Tapp in Tucson

Are you joining the Challenge officially or unofficially? I’d love to hear from  you!



Ready for the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge?

Are you ready for the 60 Day Challenge?

The annual T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge starts April 15 and will go through June 15.  An official T-Tapp newsletter will go out next week with more details about how to register and take your measurements, pictures, etc.

What is the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge?  For 60 days you will do only T-Tapp (walking, treadmill and elliptical is permitted as well as any physical therapy you may be currently doing) to see what T-Tapp can do for you!  There are different categories, under 50 and over 50, and sub categories within those 2 groupings as well as the option to add health improvements.

It’s NOT about “the biggest loser”!  It is about how T-Tapp reshapes your body and improves your life!


People approach the Challenge in a variety of ways.  

Some use it as a big push to lose a size or two for an event or season.  Others use it to jumpstart consistency.  Still others approach it with the mindset of improving their health in some way.

Your goal for the Challenge will determine your plan.  But I want to offer a few tidbits of advice for everyone, regardless of your goals for the Challenge.


Make it doable

It does no good to start out the chute with a rigorous workout schedule that you can’t maintain with normal life happenings.  It’s fine to bump things up a notch, but don’t sabotage yourself right at the start with a schedule that you will struggle to keep.

If you deal with adrenal or health issues, you will want to focus more on consistency and health improvements.  And yes you CAN lose inches and reshape your body doing seated workouts or “just” 3 moves per day!


Do the workout you LIKE!

Yes, I know floorwork seems the thing to do for your abs, but if you hate floorwork, guess what? You will hate doing it, you will find reasons to not do it, and you will fizzle out.

You can try a new workout but don’t try 5 new workouts!  You need some continuity to get that muscle activation and brain-body connection.  You can rotate through 3-4 workouts, but don’t do a different one every single day.   Pick 2-3 workouts you like to start, or 2 you like plus one new one to try. You can switch it up later, but always do what you love, not what you think you should do!


Keep a record

Measuring weekly (unless you are a less-to-lose) can be motivational and it can help you figure out a form issue if you aren’t losing in a particular area or gaining inches in spite of good efforts.  So can logging other improvements that you can’t just can’t measure, like better sleep, less pain, better mood, etc.  Some T-Tappers have reduced or totally gotten off of medications during the Challenge! THAT’S a result worth hundreds of inches!   You’ll also appreciate keeping a journal when it’s time to write your essay at the end of the Challenge!


Don’t give up!

It is tempting to just throw in the towel when we get derailed.  DON’T! Stick with it to the end and finish the course–no, you might not “win”, but you will have that sense of accomplishment that you DID it!


DON’T compare!

This is the hardest one!  People will be excited about inches they’re losing, results they’re seeing in pictures they take along the way, health improvements, etc.  But you might be plugging away and not really seeing much change.  Rejoice with them, then focus back on your plan.  Remind yourself that you are in it for the long haul. That you are creating a lifestyle change, not just doing a quick Challenge and then back to life as usual.  No, you won’t have the same intensity after the Challenge, but you will have the habit of consistency and logging progress–and that is a win!


Lay a Foundation NOW!

Yes, it starts in a week.  But you can focus on muscle activation NOW!  Why not dust off an Instructional or a slower workout, and rotate through it 2-4 moves at a time?  Alignment and activation are the keys to success–NOT how many long and grueling workouts you are doing!


One of the questions that are often asked is, “Can I work with a trainer or go to a clinic during the Challenge?”  YES!  Just make note of it in your final essay, whether you did webcam sessions, an online course or worked with a trainer in person or at a clinic.

Speaking of clinics 🙂 I will be in Tempe, Arizona on April 14 and Tuscon, Arizona  on April 21!  Three sessions for each clinic–with a great discount if you choose all 3!

T-Tapp in Tempe

T-Tapp in Tuscon

If you are planning to come, please register soon as I will have to make a decision by next Wednesday if there are enough coming for me to make the trip–and I REALLY want to meet Arizona T-Tappers! 🙂

I’d love to hear what YOUR goals and plans are for the Challenge!



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