Back on the Healthy Eating Wagon {part one}

Ever have your day delayed by a detour?!

Detours are hardly ever fun.  We don’t usually cheer, “Hurray! A detour! Now we’ll get to see some great countryside and maybe find a great Mom & Pop restaurant along the way!”

No, usually we inwardly groan, chafing a bit at the delay this will cause.  We’re not really interested in an unplanned “road trip” when we’re focused on a destination.  Unless, of course, you have a tv show that highlights out-of-the-way diners and small towns!

If you know the detour is coming, you can plan accordingly.  Whether using your GPS to find a way around it or figuring out how to get through it as quickly as possible, or even mentally preparing yourself that the trip is going to take longer, knowing ahead of time is definitely preferred!

But whether you get a heads up or not, you don’t have to let a detour in healthy habits derail you!

Last spring I started making small changes to my eating. I knew it had to be baby steps in this area to work for me and for my family. By June I was doing better than I expected to be at that point!  But then—

Kickouts — NOT for Sissies!

In the beginning of T-Tapp, there were only the Instuctionals.  In other words, they WERE the workout! Teresa periodically kicked out between moves, between sets of Plies, and between sides of moves.  Sometimes between parts of moves!


Then she filmed the “straight through” Total and Basic Workouts.  We tend to be glad since they go “faster” and “not soooo agonizingly slow”!


Yet, if you are having issues with gains, a plateau, not feeling much during a move or slowing progress, guess what trainers will ask you?  “How long has it been since you did the Instructional(s)?”  


(Yes, I hear you groaning! 🙂 ) 


The slower pace of the Instructionals (and yes, all that standing in position while Teresa talks and talks (and talks and talks!) help your body establish and strengthen brain-body connections.  And that translates into better muscle activation and form, which in turn bring better results!


Sooo….what does that have to do with kickouts?!


If you think getting through Basic Workout without kicking out is a good thing, you might want to read on.


The keys to success with T-Tapp are alignment and activation.  You can expend a lot of energy but not be activating the proper muscles, and you won’t see results.  You can also go through the workout but not be optimally aligned, and that can affect your results. Please don’t feel you have to do it “perfectly”–no one does! But if you get sloppy in these two areas, you might start getting discouraged at lack of progress.


Kicking out between sides of moves, sets of Plies, between each move helps reduce lactic acid build-up (meaning less soreness) as well as helps reduce inflammation.  It gives the muscles a quick break so they don’t get over-fatigued, unable to activate optimally. It also gives you an opportunity to reset your stance, which improves alignment.  


Kickouts = better alignment + better activation for each move which in turn = better form and progress!  (Both health-wise and inch-loss-wise!)


“Okay, Trisch, sure seems like a simple little thing–I mean, anyone can do this.  And isn’t interrupting my cardio?”


Glad you asked! 😉


Are you really sacrificing cardio?  It may seem like it, but let me share a little secret with you:


Muscle activation = cardio!




Seriously!  By activating your muscles optimally you can raise your heart rate!  I can get my heartrate up just getting into and holding the T-Tapp stance!!!


So what you “lose” in continuous cardio you make up for in muscle activation and–yes–alignment, optimizing each move and raising heart rate through activation vs mindlessly moving!


And about that “sure seems easy” stuff….


Don’t just “flop” through kickouts.  Let’s ramp it up a bit:


  • Keep knees softly bent
  • Belly up and back to spine (not fully “tucked”)
  • Ribs up (think of a string pulling your head tall to the ceiling)
  • Shift weight into heels
  • Keep supportive knee bent while kicking out the opposite leg
  • Keep core activated–don’t bobble like a penguin!
  • Keep those ribs UP! (I see you!)
  • Shake head no to keep neck from tensing up


Whew!  That’s a WORKOUT all in itself, isn’t it?!


Ready for a bit more?!


  • Reach out with the arms in an inverted V, reaching through from the core to straighten elbows vs locking them
  • Don’t have the hands too close to the body, but not too high, either. You want to feel this in the lats!
  • Jazz those hands–stretch the fingers apart as much as you can
  • Be sure arms are in alignment with the shoulders–not drifting forward (or back)
  • Keep that tummy up and in while reaching through the arms!
  • Kick out with the previous tips!


NOW you know why kickouts are NOT for sissies! 😉


So go ahead–add kickouts to any and every workout you do, do them as a stand alone move, use them in place of Hoedowns if you struggle with adrenal issues or Hoedowns are harder to “sneak” in because you don’t want other to hear you tap-tap-tapping! 😉  


And wear your “I’m not a sissy–I kick OUT!” badge with pride!


Would you like a demonstration of Activated Kickouts? (AKA “No Sissy Kickouts”!) Or how to get more out of “regular” kickouts?  Check out my video HERE!


Deep Discount Tuesday—NEW Workout and B12 Complete!



It’s Deep Discount Tuesday time again!


I’m so excited to share that T-Tapp has released the NEW Pregnancy Fit workout!  This digital streaming workout has 4 workouts, an excellent instructional, bonus moves—even a guide for T-Tapping by trimester!  Pregnancy Fit was developed by Master Trainer Margaret Barry with Teresa Tapp when Margaret was expecting her first baby—she knows about all the stages of pregnancy and beyond!  You can celebrate and save $10 off the workout by using the code PREGOFIT (please type it in vs copy/paste).  Teresa was excited to produce and release this workout—it’s a beautiful legacy of a beautiful woman who loved to help women through ALL the stages of life!


My Defeating Diastasis program is also open for registration—and I recently split it into 3 levels:

Level 1:  The first 13 lessons of the original 36-lesson program, paced a bit more slowly over 6 weeks.  If you like a slower pace and tend to get overwhelmed looking at the “unfinished” lessons, this is the level for you!

Level 2:  Short review of Level 1 (does not include all lessons) then picking up where Level 1 left off and easing you into standing moves and techniques.  30 lessons over 12 weeks.  I strongly advise you do Level 1 first, as it lays an excellent foundation.

Level 3: The entire program, 36 lessons released over 13 weeks.  The first 13 lessons are released over 5 weeks, then the remaining lessons are released more quickly so you can go through at your own pace.  If you like to have the entire picture and want flexibility in how you approach the program, this is your level!

All levels have an additional 6 weeks access after the last lesson, so you have plenty of time to go back over the video lessons.  You can download all written material, including schedules to rotate through the techniques as well as easing back into workouts.


I ran a free 14 day challenge in April and after just 2 weeks doing ONE technique, ladies saw some gap closure, some lost inches (one lost 3 inches off her waist!) and many reported more core awareness! They were also surprised how sore their abs were after doing this simple technique just a few times!


You can also save $10 off any level of Defeating Diastasis by using the code PREGOFIT!



I’m also super excited to try the new B12 Complete! 


It has two forms of B12 and folate that are more easily absorbed, especially for those with the MTHFR mutation.  Deep Discount Tuesday price is $8 off–I can’t wait to try it!


Adrenal Health

Gaia Herbs for Adrenal health are on sale, too!  You can start with Adrenal Health Jump Start for 6-8 weeks to help strengthen your adrenals, then transition to the Adrenal Health Liquid Phyto Caps.  You can also use the Adrenal Health Nightly Restore to help your body in its healing process.  I plan to add the Nightly Restore to my protocol to help nourish my adrenals even more—while I sleep!


Also, Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme is also on sale!  Turmeric is a great herb to help the body reduce inflammation.  I haven’t used Gaia Herbs turmeric yet, but I do know even adding turmeric to my daily broth makes a big difference!


All these Gaia Herbs products are $5 off for Deep Discount Tuesday!


Grapefruit Essential Oil is also on sale for only $10! (Normally $15)  I love this in my water, and I add it to my lotion to help as a lymphatic stimulant (and yes, I notice a slight reduction of cellulite when I use it faithfully with dead sea mineral salt!).


I’m also having a Birthday Bash Bundle”, which includes 4 of my recorded class packages!  I am also having a SALE on my e-book, Fatigued to FABULOUS $17 off the regular price of $27!  YES! Only $10 for the month of June!


Whew! This is one JAM packed Deep Discount Tuesday!



One last VERY important thing—

The final Safety Harbor T-Tapp Retreat will be August 1-4, 2019. Now, this is only the final retreat at this location—not the final retreat ever!  It will be a beautiful tribute to Teresa, there will be workouts taught by various amazing trainers (including me!) and it culminates in a visit to Teresa’s favorite place that she called “Heaven on Earth”, their ranch outside Tampa.  Check out the details—there are lots of options to help make it doable to attend.


If you can’t make the Safety Harbor Retreat, I am holding another Fully Fit & Free Weekend Retreat on Lake Michigan near New Buffalo, MI, October 3-6, 2019.  It’s smaller and more intimate, mixing fun, fitness, good food, new friendships and faith-based encouragement in one amazing weekend of pampering and connection!


I hope to see you at one of the retreats!


P.S. Check out my YouTube channel for some helpful T-Tapp tips and tricks!


Depression & Anxiety–Can Movement Help? (part two)

{missed part one? click here to read it!}

I knew all the “right” things to do.  But in all honesty, I needed someone to bring me the glasses of water, fix healthy meals, help me not pig out on chocolate and other treats (remember, my youngest daughter is a self-taught pastry chef–and a good one, too!), get me moving. I needed a live-in helper!  But I didn’t even have enough umph to ask.

One thing I DID do well–I walked a LOT through the fall.  Mostly to process and pray, but it kept me moving, too! So did my regular webcam clients (THANK YOU!).  But once the weather got colder and harder to walk, I didn’t replace it with any extra movement.  By Christmas-time I lost my stamina. Going upstairs to tuck the boys in made me winded.  That plus my massage therapist encouraging me to take better care of myself (she could tell I had LOTS of inflammation going on) finally “woke me up”.  I had a spiritual breakthrough right before New Year’s, and then got a little more proactive to move more. Not workouts, but Holiday Hoedowns here, stretching moves there (from Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch Workout on the Floor), and a Holiday Workout here and there.  Not much, but enough to help me regain some stamina (quickly, I might add!) AND to help my mental ability.  When I finished the Holiday Hoedowns the first time, I was breathing hard and heart was pounding–but I felt a HUGE black cloud lift! YAY!!!!!

I know the power of T-Tapp–January was my 12 year anniversary of starting this amazing workout!  Seven years ago on January 16 I certified for Total (and for MORE on the 17th).  I became a Master Trainer the fall of 2013.  So I know.

But now I really know.  What I experienced that day took my knowledge to a new level because I felt the shift in a way I never had before. I could literally feel my brain fog lift and could think more clearly.  And in that moment I realized what a beautiful gift Teresa has given us in her method of movement.  Not only is it great for shaving off inches and reshaping our bodies, but it is powerful to improve mood and help our bodies find balance–even in the hardest of situations.

This article by the Mayo Clinic talks of how Exercise Eases Symptoms of depression and anxiety.  And I love how it includes physical activity, not just planned exercise sessions.

There are also many articles and testimonials on the effects of walking on depression and anxiety symptoms:

“They say when you’re moving, you go into full-brain thinking, which engages both sides of your brain. I often think of solutions to problems I’ve been grappling with when I’m out walking. I notice my brain seems to work differently and the ideas flow much better.

“Another aspect of walking is it connects me to nature. I find it incredibly calming. When I’m out walking, I’m less stressed and take more notice of what’s around me.

~I Walked My Way Out of Depression, Brian Johnston

Walking may also promote feelings of pleasure, tranquility, and well-being and help relieve the pain of depression by encouraging the production of the body’s natural opiates, called endorphins. These chemical cousins of morphine are responsible for the feeling of euphoria called “runner’s high.”

~Benefits of Walking–Walking and Depression

This article, Exercise for Stress and Anxiety, shares fitness tips, even cold weather exercise tips!

You can add just two T-Tapp techniques, to keep it simple, and get even more balancing effect from walking!  Shift weight into heels more (vs shifting forward with weight more on the ball joints/toes) and ribs up. Often when we are struggling, we pull in and the shoulders slump forward. It’s a protective posture, but not truly helpful.  Think of a string pulling your head nice and tall to the sky.

Just those two tips while you walk can help you feel better!  As I walked last fall and processed grief and transitions in my life, those were the only two techniques I focused on.  I’m grateful to have been walking–if I hadn’t been moving at all, I can only imagine how much worse my depression might have been!

One thing that became clear after that season, was that I was still who I always was, that all these things seeming to be holding me down didn’t change my reality.  It’s only our perception during a tough time that seems to make reality unreal and the dark thoughts real.  Of course that’s easy after the fact!

Because of going through that time and realizing once I got moving again what truth in the tough situation was, I knew I needed to keep moving. I decided to at least do a series of stretches from Teresa’s Favorite Fascia Stretch on the Floor, even if I got nothing else in.  I also decided to write truths about who I am on a post-it note and put it on my mirror.  Of course I still have to believe it–but at least it’s now in front of my eyes, to remind me daily of who I truly am.  And I read it out loud because that helps it get more deeply into my mind and soul to read it, speak it and hear it.

Movement and Truth–two powerful weapons in our battle with anxiety and depression!

I still have days where my heart hurts when it hits again that I will not see Teresa again in this life.  But I also have excitement and motivation to step into the “new normal” to carry  her legacy forward and continue to help others find the power–and the beauty–of the method of movement she was passionate to share with the world to help everyone feel and look their best.

I am a T-Tapper for life and I’m privileged to carry my part of her torch forward as a Master Trainer.

And part of that is being raw and real. I’m in the trenches with you, and I’m offering you a hand-up where I’ve found a spot, so together we can become stronger and be all that we were created to be!

Here are a few more articles about walking/exercise and anxiety/depression:

Half an Hour of Walking a Day Can Ease Symptoms of Depression

Walking May Ease Depression

Conquer Depression with Walking

Walk Away the Blues

Depression & Anxiety–Can Movement Help? (part one)



Nearly everyone deals with anxiety and down times at some point in their lives.  Or many times!   And depression shows up in a variety of ways–sometimes so subtly that you don’t even realize you’re depressed until you’re coming out of it. How do you begin to ask for help when you don’t realize you need it?

Before I continue, I want to give a disclaimer–I am NOT licensed to diagnose depression nor treat it.  But I can share from my experience.  What you’re about to read is real and raw, from my heart.

The last half of 2018 had several events that threw me off my “groove”.  In late May/early June I had a shift in my hormones that affected me differently over a short period of time:

  • Week 1–I was mad at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!  I mean like, “get-out-of my-way-or-I-WILL-bite-your-head-off” mad!
  • Week 2– “I could care less” about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Just existing.
  • Week 3–“I think I need to get my hormones tested…”
  • Week 4– Progesterone dosage reduced by half.  Cried at least twice daily and 5 times one day. Called pharmacist and together we agreed to put me back on my regular dosage!

That was NOT a fun time!  In addition to all the emotional upheaval, brain fog set in thick and heavy. And it HAD been lifted.  GAH!  Menopause! :p  It was sooo frustrating because I was feeling better, inches were finally coming off, I felt like doing more than the bare minimum in life.  Then I felt like I was set back.  REALLY set back.

My adrenals were “stealing” the progesterone because they are so tanked.  2016 marked the beginning of an incredibly stressful time with my husband’s unplanned open heart surgery and recovery, the financial ramifications from that, changes in household responsibilities with older children getting jobs and going to school, etc.  My goal was to wait until we got past the busy time of 4-H and fair season and then really work on my adrenals.  Then a daughter who usually helps me get everyone where they need to be couldn’t help during the busiest of the 4-H season!  Another daughter couldn’t help with a family reunion that we are responsible for.  Then my youngest daughter won in her category for Fashion Revue and we went to the State Fair. Which was FUN!  And I did love spending more time with my youngest 4 children (since I was the only driver!).  But these things together made for a busy whirlwind summer.  And there were more family transitions.

I finally started getting into the more normal routine at the beginning of September, preparing for a weekend retreat at the end of the month.

Then came September 20.

Can I be honest?  Teresa’s passing hit me as hard–if not harder–than my mom’s sudden death.

I was grateful to have that retreat–it kept me from just crawling under the covers and giving up.  The best thing I could have done was to teach the method of movement I believe in so much in honor of the woman who inspired me and believed in me.  I loved her like a sister.  She had such a way to make each and every one of us feel special, didn’t she?  Whether in person, through an e-mail, Facebook comment or through the dvd/digital workout–you felt like you knew her and that you were special to her. Because you ARE!

I was able to attend both celebrations of life in honor of Teresa, and that really helped.  But it was harder and harder to get back to my work. Hard to “promote” programs and classes…I needed time, and yet I needed to show up for the beautiful women whom I serve.

More family transitions, hormones still not balanced and add stress eating to grief and lack of motivation–it was the perfect storm about to happen.  I was never suicidal (thank the Lord!) and my faith did help, but there were some dark moments when I was really at rock bottom.

But it was hard to say something.  Why? I don’t know.  Who does know when you’re in the pit? What makes sense outside of it doesn’t compute when we’re in it.

I was able to share with a few people a little more honestly, but I really didn’t tell anyone how bad it got.  That’s scary!  I have a good husband and family, friends–any one of them would have said in an instant that they were there for me.  But I still felt so alone.

I had to come to grips with a lot of things during this time.  My faith has been a HUGE part of what pulled me through, but there were even times there I felt God was so far away.  Of course He never is, He’s right here with me all the time.  But when you’re in that pit, feelings trump truth, unfortunately.

I had a few breakthrough moments, where the sun would peek through, and was feeling a bit better during the holidays. Right before Christmas I received a few unexpected gifts and they made me SO happy and giggly (one had a “Do not open until December 25” sign on it, too!) like a little girl!

THAT’S when I realized just how depressed and bottomed out I had been.

I’m so thankful to those who took the time to get me a gift, wrap and package them to send to me. Others sent me cards and e-mail notes. T-Tappers are just the BESTEST! ♥


 {to be continued…}

Deep Discount Tuesday! (And a FREE 14 Day Challenge!)

Deep Discount Tuesday, a free Challenge and a clinic–LOTS of great things to choose from! 🙂

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I don’t personally use FiberTox, but one of my daughters does and finds it very helpful when she needs a little help getting regular again. It can help the body naturally and gently detox.

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Starting April 18, I will be holding a FREE Defeating Diastasis 14 Day Challenge! Registration is already open for all 3 levels of Defeating Diastasis, but if you’re not sure or want to try a little before you jump in, this Challenge if for YOU!

You’ll need to be on my “interest list” to get the details and be able to sign up. You can get on that list by signing up for my free Sneak Peek of the first 3 lessons of Defeating Diastasis. I will be sending out more details over the next few days as we prepare to start. We’ll be focusing on one technique, and I have had ladies share that they noticed improvements with this one technique alone!

Are you in the Northwest US? I’ll be in Portland, Oregon on May 18–I’d LOVE to meet any Northwestern T-Tappers!

If you have any questions, please contact me and let me know!

Defeating Diastasis–Not Just for Tummy Gaps!

Strong core and pelvic floor muscles support each other for optimal function!

Do you struggle with diastasis recti, a weak core, pelvic floor issues–or all three?!

I created Defeating Diastasis to help women close the “tummy gap” of diastasis recti and improve core and pelvic floor strength and function.  Each time I run the course I get amazing testimonials of gaps closing, LARGE gaps starting to close, improved pelvic floor function and core strength and awareness.


Registration opens again on April 8, but with NEW options!


  • Level 1 is the foundational first part of the program
  • Level 2 is a quick review of key moves from Level 1 and then moves on through the rest of the program
  • Option 3 is the entire program as it is now


My goal is to help participants feel successful, but sometimes seeing we won’t get through the entire course is discouraging because we think we won’t get results. That’s a similar mindset to thinking if you don’t get an entire workout in, you can’t see results.  It also can be overwhelming if you find your core is really weak and you can’t progress through the lessons as quickly as you had planned.   After asking for feedback I decided to split the program into 2 levels to help you move through it feeling good about your progress!


  • Level 1 encompasses 14 lessons, scheduled to release over 6 weeks
  • Level 2 includes a quick review of some of Level 1, then continues lessons progressing to standing moves, then easing into floorwork. Total of 30 lessons
  • Option 3 is the entire program, first 14 lessons are scheduled, then the rest are unlocked at once so you can progress through the remaining 22 lessons at your pace, 13 weeks total

All three options include an additional 6 weeks video access at the end so you have plenty of time to go over the moves and techniques!


You can actually go through the first 3 lessons for FREE by signing up for Defeating Diastasis Sneak Peek!  These lessons are:


  1. How to tell if you have a diastasis recti
  2. What NOT to do (exercise moves and daily activities)
  3. Protect Progress (how to get up and down from the floor, a chair and a bed the right way)


Once you sign up for the Sneak Peek you’ll also be added to my “interest list” for the Defeating Diastasis program.  Even if you find you don’t have “the gap”, you’ll receive helpful information to strengthen the core and pelvic floor.  I’ll be sharing info with this list that I won’t share on the blog or on my regular newsletter list, including a FREE Challenge coming up April 16!

Defeating Diastasis is a streaming video course, and you can download the written lessons, schedules and checklists.  I’m excited to offer options to best suit everyone’s needs.  Together we can work towards a stronger core for better posture, better function and better results in our workouts!

Don’t forget–if you want to participate in the FREE challenge next month, you must be subscribed to the interest list either by going through the free Sneak Peek or signing up at my Defeating Diastasis website!  It will be EASY and FUN!  I hope you’ll join me!



The CORE of T-Tapp

Core is one of the popular buzzwords in fitness today.  T-Tapp has always been about the “core”.  In earlier videos Teresa cues to “tuck butt”, however it’s not about the gluteus maximus but about the synergistic activation of core and glutes together–along with a host of other muscles!

In more recent videos Teresa cues “tuck/curl” or “curl the core” to better describe the functional alignment of “tucking” or core activation. It seems like a simple nuance of terms, but why is it important? What makes the “core” the CORE of T-Tapp?


Spinal Alignment

Alignment is important for optimal flexibility and fluidity in movement–and in holding your body upright (i.e. “good posture”)!  Core muscles include muscles that run along your spine (and attach to it) that help you bend to one side or the other, twist your torso, even help you turn and tilt your head!  When these muscles are injured or weak, you’re going to have more pain and less flexibility and functionality.  A strong core distributes the “load” of standing or sitting upright as well as movement.  When you have weak core muscles–tummy or spine muscles or both–other muscles are overworked and don’t function as well.  Think of strong core muscles as everyone working together vs a few doing most of the work–and leading to “burn out”!  (Or, in this case, sore muscles, injury, pain, spasms…no fun, right?!)



As mentioned above, the core muscles help you twist and bend and turn.  Strong abdominal core muscles help you get up from the floor or a chair as well as prevent back strain and fatigue.  If the muscles are stiff or weak, you won’t be able to twist or bend as far or as well, and you will have more trouble getting up from the floor.  There are other issues that affect that as well, such as knee problems.  Believe it or not, a strong core can help prevent knee issues as well as help rehab some knee problems!



Your diaphragm is a part of the core as well!  If you’re seated right now, slouch and let your ribcage sink into your tummy area. Slump those shoulders forward.  (Oh, you were already sitting like that?!)  Take a deep breath without changing your posture.

Now sit more upright. Pull the tummy in a bit and get the head aligned with ears over shoulders (no jutting your chin forward).  Again, take a deep breath. AAAHHHH! Feel the difference?

No one can work well when squished! That includes your diaphragm! (And your stomach, intestines, etc, but we’ll talk about that another day!)  Strong core muscles will help your alignment which in turn helps your breathing.


Pelvic Floor

A strong core helps pelvic floor function, too! In fact, when ladies first start Defeating Diastasis, my course to help close the diastasis recti “tummy gap” or to help strengthen their core, the first improvement many notice is less leaking and a stronger pelvic floor!  This deserves a post of its own, so I will dig into this more in a future post.  You can do kegels all day but if you don’t also strengthen your core muscles, any results will be short-lived.

And if you’re still not convinced….get back to that slouchy, shoulders forward, ribcage in your tummy position.  Focus on your pelvic floor and cough.  Now sit upright, head in alignment, ribs up….cough.  Feel the difference?  Slouchy/weak core means more bearing down on the pelvic floor. NOT what we want!


So Why Is the Core the CORE of T-Tapp?!

Curling the core and then tightening the gluteal muscles to “tuck” helps stabilize the lower body as you then perform the various movements in T-Tapp. Standing or on the floor it helps protect the back from injury by balancing the stabilization of core and glutes.  While there are some moves that are more “neutral spine” in some workouts/moves, you are still focusing on core strength, even if you’re not fully “tucked”.  I teach a more detailed breakdown of curling the core in my classes and client sessions, as well as in the Defeating Diastasis course.   The bottom line is a strong core means better results from your workouts, less pain, less strain on joints, more flexibility and optimal functioning on many levels.


I’ll be digging into this more in the next few blog posts, but I will be sharing even more details with my Defeating Diastasis interest list.  If you are interested in the next course of Defeating Diastasis (registration opening April 1), or if you want to learn even more about the core, you can check out the website and sign up for the list here —>  Defeating Diastasis

If you have any questions, comment below or contact me!  I’ll be sharing more details about the course itself with the interest list, too!

And BRAVO on improving your posture! You got a few inches taller just by reading this, didn’t you?! 🙂


Freebies for Deep Discount Tuesday!



Today’s Deep Discount Tuesday is not one but TWO freebies!

For any size product order (events and digital not included) you will receive one bottle of Immune Boost and one bottle of Digest Plus!!! Woo-HOO!


Immune Boost lives up to its name! I’ve used it to bump up my immunity when sickness is going around, to help me when I feel like I’m coming down with something, help shorten the duration if I don’t get it at the beginning of getting sick, and I take 2 droppers full right before getting on an airplane to help boost my immunity against whatever might be floating around there!  AND it’s great for the skin, too!  Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen for smooth skin, and Immune Boost has a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals to help!




Digest Plus–I sing its praises all the time! I won’t be without this amazing duo of digestive and systemic enzymes, to help the body with digestion and to reduce inflammation.




Head on over to the T-Tapp Webstore! No need to use a special code–when you place your order today (before midnight PST),it won’t show up in your cart, but it will automatically be added to your shipment.

Happy shopping! 🙂

60 Day Challenge Starts TODAY!

Has January slipped by and you’re still having a hard time getting started on your 2019 health and fitness goals?


A bad cold and congestion really knocked me out the last few weeks.  Then T-Tapp announced that the 2019 60 Day Challenge starts TODAY! (They announced it a few days ago–I’m still getting my brain back!)   You can measure and take photos today AND tomorrow, so in spite of my last minute post here, you still have time!

You can find the official rules and instructions at the 60 Day Challenge Website

Like last year, there is a $10 registration fee but you will receive it back in store credit after you submit your final information at the end of the Challenge.  I am definitely ready for the camaraderie and accountability–how about you?!

I have several offerings in the T-Tapp store to help you out!  From webcam sessions to recorded classes–check out my Training with Trisch page!  January was my “Tappiversary” month–12 years since I started T-Tapp and 7 since I first certified to become a T-Tapp Trainer.  WOW! Time FLIES!  So I have some super sweet specials for you–head over Training with Trisch to check them out!

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I want to help YOU reach your 2019 goals!

Buy Trisch’s New Book!

How does a hypothyroid, adrenal-challenged, busy mama of 9 go from barely maintaining a size 22W and being so tired she needed a 1 1/2 hour nap every day to an energetic mama and size 8 T-Tapp trainer?

That’s my story in Fatigued to Fabulous!

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