Just finished 2 schedules for Foundations for Fall Fitness participants!

I have always enjoyed making schedules–following them, not so much! LOL! I realize now that I was trying to put more in a schedule than one person could humanly do in a day!

Now I can use that “gift” and joy to create schedules for others–and spread it out so no one has more than they can possibly do! Who would ever have thought?! ūüėČ

If you have a struggle coming up with a doable schedule for your T-Tapp workouts, with Foundations for Fitness levels 2 & 3 you get an individualized schedule! With Beautiful YOU! the schedules aren’t individualized, but you get 4 choices to choose from. Still easier than trying to decide WHAT to do–and then just doing¬†nothing!

Overwhelmed by too many choices, we often procrastinate and don’t do our workout at all. ¬†We know consistency yields results, but we don’t know which workouts will be the best fit, or struggle to make the workouts fit the time we have available. Or your adrenal fatigue makes decision-making difficult. ¬†That’s where I can use my strength and joy in creating schedules to help you reach your goals!

Normally a personalized one-month schedule is $25. ¬† If you want once a week accountability with the schedule, that is $45. ¬† Foundations for Fall Fitness level 3 is $69–you get the schedule PLUS a private Facebook group to interact with others and ask questions (and yes, I’ll ask you how you’re doing!) PLUS help with self-sabotage PLUS form tips shared there! ¬†PLUS you get that support for 6 weeks instead of 4!

Beautiful YOU! is $45 for the month, and you get 4 schedules to choose from (everyone doing the same workout) PLUS the private forum to interact and ask questions PLUS help with self-sabotage PLUS daily tips on everything from eating to skin care PLUS a teleconference call PLUS breaking down the core focus on several moves of the workout for the month!

The benefit of having the personalized schedule with accountability, apart from one of these programs, is more flexibility–if life happens and you need to take a few weeks off, we can do that.

But if you can commit to a month or 6 weeks, Foundations for Fall Fitness or Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration is really a better value!

If making decisions about how to structure your workouts is keeping you from feeling any cohesiveness, or worse, is sabotaging you from even getting the workouts done, please let me help you! ¬†I’d love to help you make progress on your journey!

Click below on the option that interests you for more information:

Beautiful YOU! Core Concentration 

Foundations for Fall Fitness

One month Personalized Schedule¬† (Scroll down about halfway to “Services”)

If you’re still not sure whether Foundations or Core would suit your needs, here is a short synopsis of both to compare: ¬†Foundations or Core

Photo credit:  Anna Christina Marie Photography
(Love having an “in-house” photographer!)



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